car rental affiliate program

Become a Affiliate with hyrecar and make up to $100 for every new driver rental

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Hyrecar has an amazing car rental affiliate program.

It is an innovative car-sharing company that allows drivers to rent vehicles for Uber and Lyft. The service helps ensure newbies have all the proper qualifications, while also providing a secondary form of transportation for those without their own wheels!

Can I enroll in the Car Rental Affiliate Program HYRECAR?

Yes, just create an account and personalize your referral code through their affiliate marketplace to earn cash for each new driver that rents with HyreCar, Once done you can start Sharing your link at events, venues, social media websites or any other place you visit!

How does the program work?

  • $100 for every new driver rental 
  • $25 for every background 
  • Affiliate partners will still receive $20 for every new driver rental and $10 for every background check submitted in all other locations across the United States.
great for uber,lyft and food deliverys
HyreCar Affiliate Program

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Unique link duration

-90-day cookies  


The payout is $8 (per background check), $20 per background check in select cities (Customer City is Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, New York), $16 (per driver’s first rental car), $80 per driver’s first rental (if the customer’s city is Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, New York), $28 on Verified Cars, and $68 on rental activations for owners.

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