ClickMeeting Affiliate Program

Click Meeting Affiliate Program – Earn 30% Per Sale

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Click Meeting is ideal for small groups of people from any location in the world to hold meetings online. The service includes features such as audio and video conferencing, moderated Q&A sessions with an expert facilitator who can answer your questions or get information about a specific topic you need answering without actually being there–allowing everyone involved during this virtual meeting to be just that much more productive than if they were face-to-face. Click Meeting can also provides screen sharing which lets participants see what other members are seeing on their computer monitors while collaborating together fluidly; private chat where only those invited may enter content (e-mail addresses don’t show up publicly); simultaneous translation so language barriers won.

Click Meeting Affiliate Program Review

Yes, it’s easy to join the affiliate program and start monetizing your visitors’ traffic. All you need are a few forum members who want more information on this great opportunity – they’ll get them set up in no time with their own referral link right away (no payment necessary). Just fill out a short application form and wait for the approval.

Where to promote?

You can promote this link in a variety of ways and it will be easy to share with your friends. You could put up an ad on social media, send out emails requesting people like you to post about (the product/service), or even include offsite links within messages.

How much can I earn?

You can make money with Clic kMeeting while hosting your own webinar. So Join their affiliate programs and get paid up to 30% commissions when people purchase a product or service after clicking on an ad banner posted by you.

Earn commissions of up to $515
ClickMeeting Affiliate Program
Join Program
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Estimated payout?

One of the best affiliate programs out there! You earn 24% on sales, which means you can make more money with your links than what they cost to start.

Unique Link Duration?

ClickMeeting Affiliate Program offers a 120-day cookie duration.

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