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Ooma’s office affiliate Program: who should use it?

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Ooma Office is a VoIP telecommunications company that was founded in 2004 by Andrew Fame and is based in Silicon Valley, California. It has been ranked as the #1 provider of cloud-based communications as well as other connected services for small businesses, homes, and mobile users. Ooma Office provides customers with many essentials, such as a virtual receptionist who automatically greets and directs incoming calls and answers differently during business and non-business hours. They also offer a mobile app that allows workers to use and manage their business phone calls from their smartphones while they are on the go. Another one of the essential features Ooma Office provides is the “multi-ring” where you can enable your business phone number to ring your mobile app, office phone, or any external device you choose. With over 2 million users in North America subscribed to Ooma Office, it’s no wonder Ooma Office business and customer phone service solutions continue to be highly ranked by their users with top scores for over 8 years in surveys conducted by Consumer Reports and PC Mag.

About Ooma’s office affiliate program

If you are a person or business that makes service calls or sells products to small businesses or companies but is not involved in VoIP telecommunications, then the Ooma Office Affiliate Program is perfect for you.

Evaluate if your customer would be interested in Ooma Office, then see if they qualify and if it would be a good fit for their company. Then, you will be able to submit the lead online through the Affiliate Portal with your assigned sales representative. They will follow up with your customer and seal the deal for you. No need for you to invest in their inventory, and you get to make extra money with very little effort and time.

How much do Ooma affiliates make?

Ooma affiliates can make up to $160.00 per sale and $16.00 for each lead commission..

How to promote Ooma’s products?

Ooma affiliates can share links through their websites and social media accounts. Ooma will provide you with banners and ads you can strategically place on your website and once they click on these links and sign up, affiliates can start earning money.

Ooma Office also has other programs, such as the Ooma Office Partner Program and Ooma’s Agent Program.

The Ooma Office Program offers your small business customers affordability and many extensive features provided by their company. Features offered include all-inclusive pricing, the Ooma Office mobile app, and all the Ooma Office essentials provided to their customers. As a reseller, you will be provided with exclusive access to their Ooma Partner Portal which will provide you with sales, marketing, and support resources. They also provide you with dedicated partner support, award-winning products, and VAR pricing .

Ooma’s Agent Program allows you to partner with the most simplest and reliable business and internet service provider. When you become an agent, you can be at ease knowing that you will be provided with their superb industry-leading customer support service. Agents receive fast quotes, responsive channel managers, stable and reliable platforms, quick and easy transactions, and big sales incentives along with competitive compensation. You can choose whether you want to work directly or through a Master Agent.

Who should enroll in the Ooma affiliate program?

Agencies, business bloggers.

How E-Z is it to earn with the Ooma affiliate program?

Earning with the Ooma affiliate program takes little to no effort and doesn’t take up much of your valuable time. As long as you are able to advertise on your websites and you have a large following base, making money with this program should be

a breeze.

Cookie duration

This program offers a 30-day cookie duration.

Promotion tools:

Ooma Office will provide their affiliates with banners and links, like the ones below, where you can place them on your website. As long as they can catch the eyes of potential businesses looking for VoIP telecommunication services, then earning money with this program should not be a problem for you!

$50 reward credit!
Ooma Office l #1 Business VoIP for Remote Teams

Save on your phone bill and get the most out of your business calls with OOMA. OOMA VoIP phone service lets you make calls over the internet, so you can take advantage of our low rates without sacrificing quality. Plus, OOMA powerful features give you all the tools you need to succeed in your business communications

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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