LinkedIn Learning affiliate program

LinkedIn Learning affiliate program | Earn up to 40$ commission per month

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Many people want to learn new techniques and skills to start their business so why not earn commission through LinkedIn learning affiliate program. LinkedIn Learning helps people discover and develop the most in-demand business, tech, and creative skills with personalized recommendations with over 10,000 courses and tutorials taught by industry experts.

Can I enroll in the LinkedIn Learning affiliate program?

Applying to join the affiliate program is quick and easy, and you can get started right away. To join this affiliate program navigate to the Learning Affiliate Program home page.

  • Click I already have an account if you’re an existing Impact
    Radius user, or fill in the requested information to create a new
  • After you’ve completed and submitted your application, their Affiliate Team will review your submission and reach out to you with further information.

For Whom this affiliate program is for?

This affiliate program is for individuals or groups that love LinkedIn Learning and who wants to explore more using LinkedIn.

How much can I earn?


You can join this  program and can earn up to $40 per month subscription And 35% of the sale is from a standalone purchase. They also provide you the access to their latest banners, text links, and free trial offers.

$40 commission on monthly subscriptions
LinkedIn Learning

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Unique Link Duration?


This program offers a unique link duration of about 30 days cookie.

Estimated Payout?


The payout is $8 on online signup and 28% online sales (excluding item category list, not ALC).

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