Benefits of joining efile Affiliate program

efile affiliate program
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Whether you have a simple filing or a complex one, can help you get it done correctly.

Can I enroll in the Efile affiliate program?

Yes, it’s very simple and also free. You just have to sign up and after account creation, you can share your link with friends and
family and earn a commission. Affiliates earn commission on both purchases and free fillings with efile affiliate program.

How much can I make?

  • Commission rates start at 40%
  • $1.40 flat commission on any free tax filing so even when customers do not pay the affiliate still earns a commission.
  • $1.40 pay for free service, too
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Unique Link Duration?
-120 days cookie
Estimated Payout?
The payout is 45% ( Paid Tax Preparation), $1.61 ( Free Tax Preparation), and $8.84 ( Purchase) on purchases.

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