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Super money affiliate program – Win Great Rewards

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SuperMoney helps people compare financial services. In fact, to date, we’ve helped millions of people shop for loans, investments, and other financial-related products. As a financial services aggregator, SuperMoney partners with the world’s leading banks and financial service companies to empower consumers with a KAYAK-like comparison shopping experience.

SuperMoney is tightly integrated with most leading online lenders to help you get a better deal on financing. Our loan offer engine is free and won’t hurt your credit score. SuperMoney makes financial comparison shopping easy. Compare rates, terms, and features on thousands of financial products and services in one place.

In 2021, SuperMoney earned a spot on Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States. SuperMoney is part of an elite group of companies recognized over the years, including Oracle, Intuit, Microsoft, and more.

Can I enroll in the super money affiliate program?

You can enroll easily by filling out a simple application to join the Super Money affiliate program. This is totally free, and in this form, you have to provide some personal information like your name or company website address as well as any social media accounts that may be associated with it (e.g., Facebook page). Once approved after scrutiny on provided data then commissions will begin coming through for referrals made from those websites.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

How much can I earn?

SuperMoney is a free and easy-to-use financing solution for small businesses to help their customers finance any products or services up to $100K.

Estimated Payout?

Payout of up to $150 per funded loan / sale.

Our mission is to help people earn extra in their spare time without leaving their day jobs. With our platform, you can explore sustainable business growth program opportunities to make extra income effortlessly. Our vision is to become the No.1 Search Market for side hustles and small business ideas for teens.

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