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Building Wealth Through Rental Properties | 5 Best Property Types

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Are you seeking new ways to building wealth through rental properties and achieve financial security? You have landed on the right page. The reality is that pension plans are now outdated. And, social security holds a tiny chance of being helpful. Thankfully, there is still a way out. For those that experienced real estate and economic recessions a few years back, the particular topic will ring a bell.

Less than a decade ago, the nation was deep in a financial crisis. One that our generation had never experienced. You can remember riding across the street in major cities like California and new york seeing the “FOR SALE” post on virtually one of every three landed properties. Sad! A few years later, there is now a huge turnaround. There is now the huge potential of building wealth through rental properties.

Are you interested in building wealth through homeownership? Here, you will be provided with practical tips on how to get rich with rental properties.

You don’t want to miss out on vital nuggets that can make you a real estate millionaire in 12 months.

Truly, the rental market has developed fast. Owning multiple rental properties is now a very lucrative venture. To buy one rental property per year can be one of your surest chances at diversifying your portfolio and building wealth. However, owning multiple rental properties is not easy. There’s a lot to learn and there is no chance for errors. You must also be willing to devote your time and money!

Here, we are going to expose you to how to get rich with rental properties. But first, you must know what part of real estate investments we will be focusing on.

There are two aspects of real estate investment you can key into:

1. Passive Real Estate Investments

The two major passive real estate investments are:

• Investing in real estate development firms through stock options.

• Acquiring real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Here, you’re just putting in your money, not your time. The passive strategy is best for you if you wish to diversify your portfolio without being a part of the business. It is again a perfect retirement plan. The benefit of passive investing is that there is no need for large capital investments to begin.

2. Active Real Estate Investments

The two major active real estate investments are:

• Buying a residential property (a condo or a house)

• Buying a commercial property (an office facility or a Mall).

Active real estate investments are more lucrative. Yet, they require a lot of effort from you as an investor. Most investors employ the services of a property manager. The property manager will handle tasks like tenant management, repairs when needed, and so on.

This is our focus here! Dive in!

How much profit should you make on a rental property?

There are a lot of risks involved while working as a real estate agent. Therefore, the risk-taker must make some earnings while working. The profit should start from $100 and extend to as much as the price per property or mortgage.

There are two ways agents look into the profits.

1. Cap rate compression

The first one is the cap rate compression. If the investor believes you did an amazing job by suggesting some prime property or location, you will be given an appreciation amount for a start to financial stability, you might not make as much. But let’s play with numbers here a little to make it more understandable. If your rental property is making $10,000 per month then take out 40% for insurance, home plans, etc. next, deduct 60% for the loan payment if you bought it via a bank. Now the remaining is your profit. It might be $300 per month, but it’s probably worth the headache.

Net Operating Income

Another way the property owners make money is through the net operating income. The rental property owners increase the NOI. It prospers the realities behind the financial thriving. When you become a rental property owner, cap rate compression is a better idea. There are many ways to calculate your profit but applying the cape rate formula will save you a lot of time.

Are Rental Properties Good Investments?

Investing in a rental property goes for a lifetime. It’s always a good decision for investors to invest in a property. They can either put it for sale when the prices go up or rent it out. Rental properties give you leverage. You can loan out the full payment from the bank or a friend. Later on, you can make much more and pay back instantly. This leverage will give potential will save you a lot of time and let you forsake your abilities somewhere else. Renting out property never restricts you to one or more things. You can take out the leverage, potential returns, and whatnot whenever you want people always need a place to live. It might be your property or someone else’s. But why shouldn’t it be yours? Through some research and learning, you can easily grab on the potential clients and give them the house on a return basis. The process is simple and straightforward. You own a property, you let other people live in it in return for some finance. That’s it. No side hustling, nothing else. Pay your house insurance amounts, taxes, etc on time and nobody can pitch you out or loot you away.

Can you become rich from rental properties?

You won’t become rich overnight. There might be some debts needing to be paid off before you can actually start thriving financially in your life. But the answer is YES. You can become rich from rental properties. You need to find the right person, prime locations, and little time to search out the monthly debts and taxes you will be paying off. After that, you can keep the commission as saving and buy more properties in the near future.Hold on to your properties for years. Don’t sell it and take all the eggs at once. Rent it out and get the golden egg every month. The loan will be paid off at some point in your life and then you can apply for some more properties. 

Here are 5 best rental properties that will produce a healthy monthly income:

1. Mixed Used Properties – One of the lucrative ways of Building Wealth Through Rental Properties

A mixed-use property consists of residential and nonresidential units.. for example, a 6 family apartment and 3 commercial stores below. Buying a mixed-used building is a significant investment you won’t only receive the rental income you’ll receive income from the storefronts below that can be rented to barbershops, bodegas beauty salons, etc. these are businesses that produce business which means you can get more for the square feet than an apartment unit.

mixed use properties

2. Strip Center

Owning a strip center is the jackpot of all properties strop centers can consist of 3-12 stores or more, you most likely go shopping in one most of the time. You park your car in a lot of the center and see all these different types of stores that you can either buy liquor, shop groceries or maybe grab a quick bite.. That is a strip center owned by someone or a company ..just imagine a strip of retail stores that you can collect rent from on a month-to-month basis …

3. 2-3 Unit Rental Buildings

Owning a 3 unit or 4 unit is pretty cool, simple to maintain, and can generate a good monthly profit, benefits of owning a 4 family is management wise, you won’t need to hire a property management company you can do it yourself as you can easily control the maintenance of the building and renting it if one apartment doesn’t rent you still have income coming in from 3 others covering your expenses. Keep in mind if taking a mortgage make sure that  2 of the apartments will cover at least 75% of your monthly payment, this way you will only have to come out 25% till you find 2 more tenants.

4.Vacation Rentals

With the rise of temporary rentals like Airbnb, investors are scooping up the flip and fix just to have them listed on sites vacation rentals. In an article written by CNBC, they found that “82% of people think Airbnb-ing their home is a good money-making strategy”.That is a  pretty good investment, but first, you need the right property you cant to buy too high because your mortgage payment will be higher than the amount you will make on bookings. So, you need to invest in a low-priced property that needs a little work, a handyman special where your payments will be less than $1000 a month. For example, if you book just 9 days out of 30 at $200 a day that is $1800 a month you’ll still have expenses but you will have a decent profit and also you’ll have a network.

vacation rentals as a way of building wealth through rental properties

5. Crowdfunding Platforms

AHH.. the uprise of crowdfunding who knew the day would come where we can own a share of a skyscraper right off our phones is unbelievable. With crowdfunding, you can invest anywhere from $500- to $100k based on your income. The issued guidelines to protect investors from over-investing, investing you can monitor your investment online. This method makes it easier for beginners to invest in larger properties rather than having to buy or build the whole development themselves, Investors can now take smaller shares. I gathered 5 platforms below for you to check out.






Building Wealth Through Rental PropertiesConclusion

Whether investing in a one-family or investing online through a crowdfunding platform, rental properties are a great investment and a good way for building wealth. Here are

  • Make sure the mortgage can be covered for at least 6 months  if you don’t  have any tenants 
  • Make sure property doesn’t have major issues that you can’t afford to fix 
  • Don’t invest in big properties at first. Start with small ones that you can easily manage
  • Make sure you have at least 20% ready for a down payment 
  • Keep at least 15% of the rental income aside for emergencies. Make this a monthly routine it will come in handy either for repairs or maybe your next property 

These are just some tips, let us know if you have some tips we can share with our readers 

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