what to do with 20 dollars

what to do with 20 dollars in your Pocket

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Generally, the act of investing has been deemed to be for the big wigs and the big banks with lots of cash. Well, that status quo has long been discarded and replaced. Investing is available to everyone regardless of the size of your bank account. Several small-scale investment ideas work for as little as $20.

The truth is that we all need to start somewhere. And, it is even advisable to begin your investment journey with small investments first. When the topic of money is concerned, “small” is a completely different concept. This is because, over time, even these small investments can generate huge returns. It gets even more surprising when you discover how easy this can be. With a very good plan, starting small can turn out to be highly beneficial instead of being a restraint.

$20 does not sound like a lot of money at all. But there are numerous investment choices you can pick from. If all you have right now is $20, there is still a lot you can do. To many, this only looks like a few coffees or just breakfast. However, you can invest this money and make more out of that $20.

You may feel that with such a small amount of money, you cannot do more than investing in penny stocks. That is far from the truth. Contrary to what you have heard, your options are not limited to only stocks or real estate. Keep reading to find out how you can invest with just $20. Thankfully, there are presently a lot of investing apps that enable you to invest a very small amount. With them, you can either invest in the stock market or make the most of the other options at your disposal.

Another point to note is that, whether you want to start small or begin on a high note, you will have to adhere to the exact fundamental investing procedure. The way you will invest $1000, $500, or even $20 is the same way you will invest $10,000. Investing is investing, regardless of how much you want to invest.

How well the investment will yield is often another major emphasis. You first seek to assess how much your investment will be worth at the end of it all. What is the actual value of your investment? Then, how much do you need to invest? If the amount you need to invest is lower than the value of the investment, then you’re set to make sizable gains.

Where can you invest $20? How is the best way to invest that $20 you have? We all have to begin this investment journey somewhere. Read through to understand how you can invest in stocks, real estate, and other options with just $20. In no time, you’ll be on course to build wealth.

5$,10$ $20 not much right, what to do with it, get a haircut get your nails done, go grab some fast food because it’s burning your pocket… let’s change your attitude and make you rethink how much $20 can do for you. With technology changing the investing industry anyone can invest with as little as they want even one dollar.

10 Ways to invest 20 dollars  OR what to do with 20 dollars?

Stock                          Industry                   Price       Shares

1. American airline   airlines                     21.00       1

2.Intec pharma ltd   pharmaceutical      3.92         5

3.Urban tea inc         food industry          3.36         5

4.Vbi vaccines          pharmaceutical      2.98         6

5.Ford motor              automobile            11.93       1

6.Gopro                       Technology            7.97        1

7.Sirius xm                 entertainment       5.79         3

8.Nokia                       technology            3.82         5

9.Yamana gold           mining                   4.01         5

10.ADT                          SECURITY             6.87        3


5$,10$, 20 dollars is not much right, what to do with it?

Get a haircut or get your nails done or grab some fast food because it’s burning your pocket… Let’s change your attitude and make you rethink how much $20 can do for you. With technology changing the investing industry anyone can invest with as little as they want even one dollar.

Stock                          Industry                   Price       Shares

  1. American airline     airlines                     21.00       1
  2. Intec pharma ltd     pharmaceutical      3.92         5
  3. Urban tea inc          food industry          3.36         5
  4. Vbi vaccines            pharmaceutical      2.98         6
  5. Ford motor             automobile            11.93         1
  6. Gopro                      Technology            7.97          1
  7. Sirius xm                entertainment       5.79        3
  8. Nokia                      technology            3.82         5
  9. Yamana gold          mining                   4.01         5
  10. ADT                         SECURITY             6.87        3


Tenev, who moved to Texas when he was five years old, found Robinhood in 2013. His business is Bhaju Bhatt, and both of them are the owners of this investing company. With little research and study on investor tools, anybody can learn to invest in Robinhood, even a beginner looking for a place to start. You can start from anywhere and invest using your phone. The access given to you through the phone is easy to use and invest in commission-free companies.

Also see: Coinbase Vs Robinhood

Minimum amount to invest: no minimum amount

Fees: No fees for signing up but if you are thinking of converting from ROBINHOOD to brokerage, it will cost you $75


If you are about to retire, acorns might be the best platform to start investing in your finances. You can grow your taxable investments in no time and figure out what you want to do with them. This app is the best for those who find it a challenge to invest their retirement money someplace. Although the app was introduced in 2014, it already has 8.1 million users with a $1 billion invested amount. As a micro-investing platform, it offers the most basic taxable investment accounts.

-MINIMUM AMOUNT TO INVEST: no minimum amount

-FEES: $3 per month

-MINIMUM DEPOSIT: no minimum deposits

3.   STASH

Stash provides you the chance to avail yourself fractional shares. You can have value-based investment offerings. If you are a potential earner looking for a stock market to invest in, this app is for you. The platform provides you with enough credibility to figure out your potential stocks and investment profits. There are so many automated features in the app. The best thing is that the app will keep rounding off your money to the nearest dollar. Upon reaching $5, it will be added to your investment account.


-FEES: $1 – $9


4.   ALLY

With no minimum investment or commission, ally is one of the most reliable options for traders and stock investors. If you think your investment is finding no heed, look out for ALLY. This might turn out to be the best decision. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or an experienced one; it is straightforward to understand. Your un-invested amount in your account won’t be affected with any interest until you place it somewhere.



-FEES: $0


The mobile app generated by the owners of this stock made it specifically for the young generation. It has all the aspects that can make your stock trading and investment potential. At low costs, you can have access to advanced tools. It will also allow you access to crypto-currency. Ever since its introduction in 2017, WEBULL has become one of the most renowned platforms for easy stock investing and trading.


-FEES: $0


If you have good credit in your account, invest in a lending club. You can issue loan and allow credible outcomes on the credit score. It won’t be affected so don’t worry about messing it up. Another to remember is that this platform lets you check the rates online on their website. You can manage your money, credit, and account all at once, and keep everything under your eye. It gives you an opportunity to pay off your consolidation debts and credit card amounts. You can choose up to 12 people with whom you have pending amounts and the lending club will keep paying them off until they are paid off.

-MINIMUM AMOUNT TO INVEST IS $0. You need to have at least a 600 credit score to get started

-FEES: 1.00% and 6.00% of the loan amount


This platform is all about credit scores. The more you have credit, the better it is for your account. You can easily include a co-borrower on your application. This will do wonders for your future loans and investment plans. As a trader in prosper, you can also apply for home equity financing. You can get loans from $2000 to $40,000 from prosper. This account will be usable by two users at once. Both users must fulfill some credentials and it’s easy to continue from there.

-MINIMUM AMOUNT TO INVEST: minimum credit score 640

-FEES: 2.41% to 5.99% of the total amount


If you have an excellent credit score, this platform is for you. The application will allow you to get some loans in case you need them. Moreover, you can loan amounts starting from 5000 dollars and up to 10000 dollars. This platform is enough for those who have zero investment, and beginners. You will have unemployment protection where the app will give you enough credibility to perform for your financing. Without any fees, this application will give you multiple loans and lower interest rates. Ideally, you will have access to financial advisors who will guide you throughout the procedures. You can invest in company stocks that offer fractional shares.


-FEES: $0


With two options available for the users, it can offer you a variety of investment plans. This app is specifically for those who are looking to invest their retirement money somewhere. The platform allows you to use some tax strategies usable for future plans. It also comes with tools to help you survive as a newbie in the investing and trading market. Anybody with a low bank balance can sign up for their accounts on this platform. Betterment is the platform for the users who are ready to broader their financial means and signify their future investments.


-FEES: 0.25%


Fundrise is for real estate investors. It has the ability to allow your investment to go straight into the real estate property. The idea initiates the prosperity of advancement and potential sales. It’s like working as an agent but online, through a specific platform and website. It has the lowest minimum investment plans available and open to all investors without any restriction. You can consider it as a long-term investment.


-FEES: 1% of each potential sale of real estate

10 ways to spend 20 dollars (without feeling guilty after )


Money is a touchy subject, and for many people it can be hard to part with. But what if there was a way you could help the world without spending any money? That’s right: donating. You may not know it but donating has many benefits that go beyond just helping others.  When we donate we are also giving back to society and making our communities better places. One of the most important things about donations is that they help fund organizations that provide services such as health care, food security, emergency relief efforts or education programs where these services might otherwise not exist or would be unavailable due to insufficient resources. Not only do charitable contributions enable those in need to lead more stable lives and break cycles of poverty but they’re also good for your inner feelings, knowing that $20 went to a good cause instead of wasting it on something unwanted will make you feel so good.

sign up for a online course

You’re looking for ways to save money, but don’t want to sacrifice your education. Luckily, there are tons of online courses that can help you do just that. In the age of the internet and smartphones, there are so many platforms for learning. There are online courses on all types of topics from languages to cooking. Udemy is one of these platforms where you can find a whole range of courses offered by experts in their fields. With more than 50 million students worldwide, it’s no wonder why this platform is popular! you will find some great Udemy online courses that would make excellent gifts under 20 dollars.

Visit a museum 

Visiting a museum can be a great place to go, but it’s worth 20 dollars if you take advantage of all that museum offer. There are many benefits to visiting a museum including educational opportunities, art appreciation, and community engagement. Let us explore them in more detail.    The educational aspect is very important because you learn about different cultures and get exposure to new ideas. Art appreciation is also an important aspect because it helps people understand what makes certain works of art meaningful while also providing insight into what things interest other artists. Community engagement is another significant benefit because museums often partner with local schools or host free events for students during school hours like field trips or lectures on various subjects. If you want to go somewhere fun where your family will enjoy themselves, Plus, if you visit an art museum, it will be easier on your wallet because most museums offer a student discount. The best part is that admission is usually only $5-$10 dollars!

Window shopping

No, not windows for home…​​ I know you’re out there.  You’re the person that walks into a store, looks around for about 20 minutes and then goes on your way without buying anything.but actually taking a stroll and browsing what’s out there Shopping is one of the best forms of entertainment. It can be a great way to enjoy some time alone, with your partner, or with friends. However, it’s not always easy for everyone to get out and spend their dollars! I’m not talking to you if you are in the store with the intent to buy something but instead window shopping because it’s fun or just to get out of the house. But if you’ve ever walked into a store, looked around and left without spending any money, this post is for you!

Head to a thrift shop

You might be thinking to yourself, “why should I buy my clothes at a thrift store?” Well, there are many reasons. For instance, you can find some really great deals on clothes that might not have ever seen the light of day because they were only worn once or twice. You also get to say you’re doing your part in helping out with recycling and keeping our planet green! There are so many different styles at any one thrift shop so go out there and explore!

Bake a cake 

Baking a cake is one of the most soothing and relaxing things you can do. It’s also a great way to show someone how much they mean to you. If you’re looking for some low-cost, high-return gift ideas, look no further than this post! I’ll take you step by step through baking your own cake from scratch with affordable ingredients that will still taste delicious.

Shop at a dollar store 

If you’re looking for a cheap place to shop, then I have the answer. Dollar stores are a great way to find inexpensive items and save money on your budget. They also offer plenty of conveniences if you want something quick without having to leave the house or deal with crowds at other stores.

Dollar store shopping is a great option for those who need an emergency supply of paper towels or toilet paper because they run out before they can get back to the store again or for those who want some new household supplies but don’t know where else to turn when their budget doesn’t allow them access to chains like Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

And most dollar stores carry food too! This is perfect if you’re in need of

Help a kid out 

https://apreciouschild.org is a great organization that empowers children with resources to allow them to reach their full potential skills.It’s the holiday season, and every dollar counts. So why not donate to a cause that is near and dear to your heart? I’m talking about non-profit organizations. Nonprofits are organizations that provide services for all people in need without regard to race, religion or gender. They help those who can’t help themselves because they don’t have the money or resources available at their disposal. There are many ways you can give back this winter – from donating clothes, toys, and food – but if you’re looking for a way to make an impactful donation this year, consider giving financially by donating online or through text message with charity: water! It’s quick, easy and there is no limit on how much you can donate!

Visit the house of god

Whether it’s a mosque, chapel, synagogue, or any other -The house of God is a place you should visit. It’s beautiful and holy, and it will make you feel serene. The people there are friendly, so don’t be afraid to stop by, it’s a place to find peace and feel loved. When deciding, try asking yourself these questions. Do I care about my spiritual well-being? Am I looking for community and an outlet for deep conversations with people who are like-minded? Am I trying to make sense of life or find meaning in it? If the answer is yes then visiting your worshipper’s home might be something that would interest you. also, you can donate once finished

Buying a loved one a bouquet of flowers 

Do you want to buy a gift for someone but don’t know what? Flowers are one of the best gifts. Whether it’s your significant other, mother, father, sister, or friend flowers can bring joy and happiness when they’re in front of them. The joy that comes of seeing them smile, shed a tear, or give you a hug will be worth more than 20 dollars after all

Conclusion paragraph:What to do with 20 dollars

The money you spend now is either going towards your future or someone else’s. The investment of 20 dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket, but it can make all the difference. You can save your money and spend time with friends for fun or invest it by putting it into an account that will grow over time to provide you with future financial security. Which do you choose? If you’re not sure, ask yourself what would help most people lead better lives. In this case, investing is likely the best option because then they’ll be able to buy things they need down the road when their income isn’t as high as it is now.

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