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The affiliate program connects the landlords among your audience with an online screening solution for fast, accurate background checks on prospective tenants! With a legal and convenient portal available to independent property owners like you. 

The way they see it: more options are always better – but that’s not all this site has going for them; they also provide reassurance when renting out properties because there is less uncertainty involved in relying upon just one company.

SmartMove offers a service that provides background checks on prospective tenants and protects consumer information according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The reports are completely paperless, so landlords can receive them online or by fax without having any physical paperwork whatsoever; they’re also free!.

Can I enroll in the affiliate program?

Yes, it’s easy to join the affiliate program and start monetizing your visitors’ traffic. All you need are a few forum members who want more information on this great opportunity – they’ll get them set up in no time with their own referral link right away (no payment necessary). Just fill out a short application form and wait for the approval.

Where to promote?

Promote this link on your website, social networks, and via email. You can also do so through WhatsApp or any other form of offline marketing you have in mind for the product!

How much can I earn?

You are eligible for an extra 25% commission when a referred customer joins and spends at least ten times what they were sent by you.

Estimated payout?

The 20% of sales is being paid out as a reward for completing screen requests.

Unique Link Duration?

The program offers a 30-day cookie duration, so you can experience all the benefits without any risk.

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