online divorce affiliate program

Online Divorce Affiliate Program – 80$ per sale

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Share on pinterest provides completed documents for uncontested divorces. Once the customer chooses their state, signs up, and creates an account, then they will go through a divorce questionnaire covering all aspects of the divorce, including custody, parenting time and support of any minor children, division of property and debt, division of any retirement, spousal support, and wife’s maiden name being restored. Once the questionnaire is finished then the forms are generated and will be downloaded directly from the account. The forms are filled out ready for the parties to review and sign. Step by step instructions is provided with the divorce forms to easily walk the parties through what to do with each form and how to file and finalize the divorce directly with the court.

You can earn $80 on more than 150 Approved Sales.
Online Divorce Affiliate Program

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Can I enroll in the affiliate program?

With the Online Divorce program, you can easily sign up and start receiving traffic from people looking for your products or services. They provide the best quality of service at competitive prices so that everyone has access to them. Join their affiliate program and get the easy way to make money from your traffic with a simple online divorce service. It’s never been easier or more convenient than now.

How much can I earn?

You can make anywhere between $60 and 100 on 50-150 approved sales, depending on how fast you are. If your application is reviewed within one day of approval then there could be as much as an extra $80 in rewards for reaching certain milestones.

Unique Link Duration?

This program offers a 45 days cookie duration.

Estimated Payout?

Their payout is $80 per approved sale.

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