10 Best Business Movies on Netflix

Business Movies On Netflix
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As a business individual, we can understand how you can always be under so much pressure when generating ideas, managing finances, dealing with your employees and what not. Running a business, or initiating a small startup isn’t an easy thing to do.

Even a pro-businessman would lose his inspiration at some point when a lot of hurdles come your way. So, how would you bring back your inspiration? How do you bounce back?

Most people read novels because it gives them insight into the detailed accounts of authors. But if you aren’t an avid reader and would choose something a bit more entertaining, then we suggest you binge watch these to 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix.

The Founder

The Founder is a biopic, set in 1954 and follows the life journey of Ray Kroc. He is a struggling milkshake mixer man who is travelling through America and eventually goes on to meet the McDonald brothers and helps them grow their small food chain business into the multimillion-dollar brand that it is today.

At first, the movie shows how importance it is for the business to be customer-centric. As a milkshake mixer max, Ray Croc tells the food chain owners the only way your business will be able to grow if it serves its customers at lightning speed. He put influence on serving the right product to the customers in a more prioritized way so they won’t go looking for other options.

It also talks about why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid to think big. Ray Croc, through his life journey shows how his big thinking opened new horizons for him throughout his life. He didn’t limit his options and persisted in his thoughts. He knew what he wanted to be, how he wanted to grow and didn’t hold back which eventually paid off.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Based on a heart wrenching memoir written by Chris Gardener, the Pursuit of Happyness is based on the life story of the author, played by Will Smith and his son, Christopher Jr. The story is about fighting against all odds while staying true to your beliefs.

It details Chris Gardener’s one year long struggles of staying homeless with his son while pursuing an unpaid internship in hopes of landing a job at a multimillion-dollar firm as broker. It is a delight to watch, with Will Smith’s incredible acting skills and beautiful screenplay.

During the one year of being homeless, Chris had to fight numerous heartbreaking moments and even resort to sleeping in the restroom of a subway due to being completely broke. It has been over 15 years since the movie was released and is still said to be one of the best movie of all time.

In this movie, you will learn how we all are in the same boat and will always have to face moments of desperation. Although, our times won’t get as hard as they did for Chris but at the end, if you keep pursuing your dreams and not lose faith in yourself, you will get where you want to be.

Not to mention, Will Smith nailed the character of Chris Gardener and so did Christopher Jr. their chemistry, connection and acting is so on point. There are certain scenes in the movie when you won’t be able to stop those tears from coming out, it is that good.

Steve Jobs

We don’t suppose the name needs an introduction. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple changed the world with his enigmatic thinking and brought about evolutions that nobody ever thought were possible.

The biopic Steve Jobs focuses on the personal and professional growth of Jobs and how he came to be. He didn’t choose the well-trodden path to success but instead, opted for ways that everybody thought were unconventional.

The film is divided into three parts. Ever part has a story to play before the launch of a key product. It shows us how Job’s grew as a professional, what were the hurdles he faced in his personal development and how strained his closest relationships were.

Jobs was a wonderful man. He had a habit of gravitating towards them who shared his obsessions but the movie also showed how difficult it was for him to play well with others.

The movie shows however all the things that Steve Jobs lacked in, he still made up for all of them through his vision. He wasn’t a coder, a marketer or even a computer scientist for that matter. Yet, without him, there is no chance that Apple could ever have existed.

He wasn’t someone who wanted attention, neither he liked being bogged by the people. His vision was to come up with a computer so smart and elegant that would be in everyone’s reach and so he did.

The Social Network

Since we were talking about Steve Jobs, how can we even think about forgetting our very own Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, we are talking about The Social Network.

This is a movie, a biopic rather on an undergrad student who started the legend Facebook back when he was still studying in 2003. While the movie has drastically been dramatized, it is based on a true story of how Mark took a small-time tech startup to one of the biggest businesses in the world today.

Mark Had a vision, he knew that evolution is something that is bound to come. He was always off the view that before we lived in farms and now we live in the cities and soon enough, we will be living on the internet. He saw the potential that internet held and had a vision that he pursued and succeeded.

This is a very inspiring movie for budding entrepreneurs. It talks about creating a product that is going to benefit the community in the long run and how you cannot back down when hurdles come along. You will see how he rejects the idea of generating ad revenue and instead focused on launching a human centric platform which the users will thoroughly enjoy.

It also shows the importance of taking calculated risks. Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of one of the prestigious universities in the world, Harvard. But that was only because he had faith that Facebook would one day turn into a global brand which it did. He knew it was a risk but he also believed it was a risk worth taking.


Another true story, Moneyball is based on the General Manager of Oakland A’s baseball team known as Billy Beane. One of the best movie out of 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix.

Whether you are a fan of baseball or not, you’re going to love this movie because how the entire concept of this movie revolves around thinking outside the regular techniques and attaining your goals by opting for a different approach.

It is a story of a man who had to build a team from the scratch with a very negligible budget. He wanted to build a team of champions so he decided to take on approaches that were often ridiculed. Beane outsmarted the richer ball clubs by thinking outside the box and succeeded.

What we learned from the movie was the importance of thinking and pursuing unorthodox approaches. Just because something has been done with the same technique doesn’t mean you cannot do it some other way.

You also need to believe in your gut. Sometimes in life, there aren’t many options and the options we do have seem less likely to succeed because we aren’t accustomed to them. But, if you have faith in yourself and you are determined to make your dream come true, you will figure a way out.

Yes Man

The basic fundamental behind Yes Man is simple, say yes to everything that comes into your life. The thought behind this theory is that life, with all its fun moments and chaos, is meant to be fully embraced. We cannot simply enjoy the good moments and say not to the bad ones. Because if we do, we will never realize what the significance of those good moments is that make its place in 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix.

The film is based on a man, Carl Allen who has a habit of saying no to everything and is stuck in a completely negative mindset. He attends a conference for self-help that uses the idea of saying yes to every question that is being thrown your way.

What you will see next is the result of how saying yes to every question changes Carl’s life in a fun and entertaining manner. The concept of the whole movie is hilarious. You will see how at the end Carl does think he has taken the idea of saying yes to everything a little too far but it has changed him into a better man.

The Theory of Everything

Late Stephen Hawking was one of the most influential and brilliant scientists of all time. And he wasn’t just an incredible scientist because he harbored an exceptional mind. He was also an extraordinary man who made things possible that nobody could ever imagine.

He was a fighter who suffered though a gut wrenching diseases of ALS yet still lived a fulfilling and accomplished life. When he was diagnosed with the disease back in 1964, doctors gave him a maximum time of three years but luckily, his diseases spread way slower than expected that gave him a lot of time to pursue his dreams and make a mark for himself.

However, Hawking did spend most of his life in a wheelchair and as his disease progressed, he had to use a voice synthesizer to speak and often communicate through his eyebrows.

Through this movie, you will learn the importance of asking questions. Even though all his odds, Hawking never stopped himself from pursuing his goals didn’t let anything hold him back. He proved over and over again that life would give us great opportunities only if we believe, work hard, and persist that’s why this movie is a part of 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix.

If you enjoy watching an incredible movie on grit and persistence, then don’t skip this one at all.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is produced by Netflix itself and top trend movie out of 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix and is about a highly anticipated music festival that was supposed to happen in Bahamas but never took place. It was an event organized by Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule. The Fyre was promoted by some of the top influencers of all time including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid.

Once the influencers started promoting the event and it was making a roar on Instagram, the tickets were sold out within two days but what came later was a disaster, not just for the visitors but for the organizers as well.

It focuses on the back story to the event and how all the people paid thousands of dollars to attend it but had a ghastly and hellish experience for all that money’s worth. Several influencers were involved in promoting the event through impeccable videos but on the backstage, there was no way those promises could be kept that were made on the first place when the event was being promoted.

It offers some great insight to entrepreneurs especially the ones who plan on getting into influencer marketing for growing their target audience. You can hire all the influencers you want and add to the glory of your brand.

But at the end of the day, the only way your business will survive if you deliver what you have promised to your customers. You need to set expectations that you can actually attain and not jump on the bandwagon simply. It is important to understand how much you can truly afford and give back to your customers in return.

Minimalism; A Theory About Important Things

This is an incredible documentary that is based on the lives of minimalists from all spheres of life, ranging from families, journalists, architects, entrepreneurs, and so much more.

The movie came out back in 2016 and centers around the idea of simplicity. However, the idea of simplicity in this movie is geared around the consumers, it is still a very good documentary for entrepreneurs to watch. It will help you make the best financial decisions and understand the psych of your target audience.

It talks about how profits can be earned by reducing expenses and how the idea of minimalist lifestyle will help your set your financial goals.

We also loved the concept of how quality trumps quantity. As a designer, you will be able to learn so much from this movie. The creative ideas and how uncluttered workspace helps improve your overall productivity.

The movie stars Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin. These four commendable stars in one frame is a reason enough to watch this movie, and also its the reason it included in 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix!

 Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is a movie based on real estate sales persons and their plight during a very busy sales season.

It shows how difficult it gets to survive under pressure when working in a real estate industry and how you always need to use your wits to thrive and survive in your workspace.

Since the movie has been released, several universities that teach sales and marketing make the students watch this movie to learn everything they need to say and not say in a sales pitch. It also has an incredible speech by Alac Baldwin to the sales team that gained massive popularity among the millennials and get its position in 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix.


So, these were our top 10 Best Business Movies On Netflix to grow your insight as a business owner or a startup runner. All these movies are available on Netflix for you to watch. You are absolutely going to love how insightful, entertaining and inspiring a movie can totally be.

Whether you’re watching the Pursuit of Happyness or Steve Jobs, we are absolutely sure by the time it reaches the climax, you’re going to feel so inspired and invigorated. If there are any recommendations you would like to give us, we would highly appreciate your feedback in the comments below.

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