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For everyone who manages a business, especially those who run multiple businesses, accounting software is a non-negotiable if you must be successful at this. And the sooner you employ the services of one of the top accounting software products, the better for the growth of those businesses. Frankly, as a business owner, you still have at your disposal independent platforms for invoicing software and tax software. However, your accounting platforms turn out to be more thorough and inclusive.

Note that there are two types of accounting software for entrepreneurs with multiple businesses. The first is the excellent paid-for accounting programs, then there are the free accounting software programs available for use. We should not miss out on the fact that there are likewise bookkeeping software, as well as time management apps that can be of service to consultants or freelancers whose nature of work demand that they charge by the hour.

A major benefit of accounting software platforms is how well they help start-ups and multiple businesses. If you want to maintain orderly accounts without having to commit to a particular service, while also lessening primary costs, these are the apps for you. Several multiple business owners might opt for these software programs because they are known to give room for a considerable level of control of your data. This is made possible as you operate them on your own machines instead of running them on third-party clouds.

Note: The most promising accounting software will again work well with any eCommerce software you’re working on, not minding the theme you have installed.

In this text, we’ll call attention to the best accounting software presently accessible on the market for multiple businesses. We will likewise point out additional alternatives to examine, as you have the chance to choose a distinctive expense tracker software or just customer accounts. The good news is that most of these accounting solutions at least offer a free trial. Most of them are free. Keep reading to find out these invaluable accounting solutions.

Top Free Accounting Software For Multiple Businesses



  • Unique stylish interface
  • Endless invoicing


  • Advanced attributes placed within paid levels

ZipBooks delivers an accounting software that possesses a trendy and stylish interface together with a competitive feature set. This software makes accounting simple and effortless so you as the user can have more time to deal with other duties.

The Starter level of this software is accessible for free. It delivers limitless invoices to an infinite number of clients. By doing this, it makes it less restrictive than several other free accounting software out there. It can again be helpful to handle vast bookkeeping and can receive payments from PayPal and credit cards.

Paid levels commence at $15 every month, and incorporates most of the features you have always sought for. However, if you desire really developed features such as smart tagging, with refined intelligence and reporting, you have to pay $35 every month.

Money Manager Ex.


  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • A large list of competitive features
  • Works efficiently from a straight from a USB stick

This is another terrific, free open-source tool. Money Manager Ex is well developed and loaded with sufficient features to challenge premium software. It’s simple to comprehend, and you’ll have your accounts and transactions arranged very quickly. Money Manager Ex’s clarity makes it an exceedingly satisfactory selection for multiple business owners.



  • Amazingly adaptable software
  • Parades some payroll characteristics
  • Deals with numerous currencies

GnuCash is an accounting software developed for entrepreneurs with multiple businesses. It competently deals with accounts payable and receivable, invoicing and credit notes, employee expenses, and other payroll duties as well. It again handles numerous currencies, accounts, and cards. Its fine adaptability and adjustability earn it a place amongst top choice accounting software for multiple businesses.



  • Oversees multiple businesses efficiently
  • A large online community


  • Not suitable for sole traders

Even though TurboCASH is free and encompasses a majority of the essentials required with accounting software, It has a paid version available as well. This paid version comes as an upgrade that delivers more progressive features. This paid version enables it to operate directly from the cloud, as well as giving PDF reports, payroll, budgets, and a ledger analyzer, and more.



  • Remarkably well-known service
  • Adequately designed and assembled for efficiency


  • It will be too rudimentary for medium-sized businesses

With over two million businesses using this software, Wave is one of the largely flourishing online accounting solutions. Plus, it’s totally free for invoicing and receipts, and other aspects of accounting. But, if you seek private technical assistance you’ll have to pay for it. Payroll is not incorporated in the free service offered, and sometimes, you do get ads. This is the same for most free online services.

NCH Express Invoice


  • Free invoicing solution for accounts
  • Backing for various spectrum of outlets
  • Beneficial range of reports


  • Just free for businesses with less than 5 workers

This software offers versions for Android, iPad, Mac, and PC. NCH Express Invoice works for most types of businesses. And, if you have less than five (5) members of staff, you can enjoy its services for free. There are no time limits or any other constraints.

The software is built to develop orders, quotes, and invoices, effortlessly. That way, it automates subsequent ones. The software likewise sends them via email or fax, and there’s a reasonable range of reports to choose from.

VT Cash Book


  • Accounting with ease
  • A handy tool for preparing VAT returns


  • “No-frills” graphics

It might not be your go-to guy for aesthetics, but VT Cash Book was not created to look good: its emphasis is on a proper day to day record of cash transactions with zero amount of hassles. The software bolsters multiple bank accounts and bank reconciliation, employs Autocomplete to fasten data entry, and is handy too for preparing VAT returns, and allows you to generate ledgers, balance sheets, as well as profit and loss.

This free accounting software for multiple businesses installs together with its partner software, the paid VT Transaction+. But, you are not required to pay for the latter to make use of the former.

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