How to Become A Hard Money Lender?

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There are many ways to earn money. To keep it growing, one requires a remarkable amount of courage and expertise that will help you become a hard money lender. Money lending is not something that is meant for everyone but it requires special abilities.

Sometimes this goes as easy as you like it, and sometimes it has so much stress that will make you question your abilities. As every one of us knows that money we are going to lend has not come from anywhere, it always has a background that how it was earned, it is not earned as a piece of cake. Even if you want to buy a piece of cake, it still needs some amount of money.

Every aspect today needs some money, and that is to be seen what sort of money is needed and whether the lending hand can lend that amount of money. Specific steps are required by the person or organization that is trying to enter into the lending business. Lending the money can be as simple as giving it to some individual or can be very nerve-racking while handing it over to some organization.

Many things are to be considered to ensure that the money you are lending stays intact and doesn’t give you any loss that becomes unbearable for the lender.

1.   Legal Entity 

First of all, the lender must have some legal entity in the concerning country or the concerning territory to be legally able to run the lending business. In this business, every process that is done should be done on a legal basis, or this business can overturn on the lending hand. Some companies also charge some extra fees while lending money as security.

2.   Keeping Records 

Keeping every single record is also one of the most essential steps in this lending business. If you or the organization is not keeping the records accordingly, it will prove to be a helping hand in destroying the business. Mostly, it is the most common mistake entrepreneurs do.

Record keeping tells the lender about the amount that is being lent, for how much time it is being lent and how much of the profit the lender will earn in a specific period. Sometimes the person at the receiving end of the transaction defaults, and it becomes hectic for the lender. This habit of keeping record will help the lender impose some fine on the individual or the organization that is defaulted.

There are also some software’s available online, that in return of a small amount, will help you in keeping records of your business.

It is solely the organization’s decision whether to impose the fine or not. For example, Muslims do not impose fine on defaulter because it is prohibited for them by their religion to impose fine on the person if he is not able to pay.

3.   Account Openings

Account opening is a very delicate process. In some countries, it is very difficult to open an account as it requires a significant number of legal entities and legal documents that will enable the user and organization to open a lending account.

The accounts can also work as a helping hand in the record-keeping as it is automatically a record of any transaction made at any time of day, week or year. Transactions made through the banks have almost every detail that stands necessary for the transaction.

4.   Source of income

Whether on how many aspects we emphasize, the source of income always stands at the top of the situations. Without a particular or continuous source of income, one cannot carry out the lending business. The individual can start the business and even carry it out for some, but as the business grows, it will become mandatory for the lender to have a specific source of income that will eventually help him grow the business.

If the business stands still in its place and it is now growing at a certain pace, and is hardly meeting its daily and monthly expense, it is to be noted that the closure of the business is somewhere near. So, before starting the business, it must be in mind to grow a specific amount of money and then start the lending business.

5.   Collateral

Collateral means something material with a special amount of value that can be taken at the time of giving the money as a guarantee, so that the leasing hand does not hesitate to invest the hard-earned money. This collateral usually has more value, mostly with the ratio of 70/30. The lender defaults the organization that has invested the money has something from which it can recover its money. Collateral can be in the form of gold, diamond, or house.

Pros & Cons of Becoming A Hard Money Lender


One of the perks of hard money loans is that the borrower can have money in their pocket in as little as 5 to 7 days. However, if you try to take out the same loan with a bank, it will get pretty hefty and sometimes a source of inconvenience for you.

When lending money, you can even have some position in the company you’re lending money to, the property they are buying, or even have some particular influence on stocks.


Sometimes you may lend money to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. That will be destructive for you because your money will be on the line.

While lending money, if you don’t do proper paperwork and legal agreements, you could lose money instead of profiting.


There are many other businesses around, but the lending business is one of the most dangerous ways to earn money if the company does not demand collateral to leasing a certain amount. So, to start the lending business, one should be very sure that he has a good source of income, has a significant number of contacts perfectly and has a legal company that runs the business. This business requires a significant amount of courage because if the person taking the money defaults, it can be a massive issue for the organization.

So, what do you think about this lending business? Do you want to become a hard lender? What are your thoughts about this business?

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