How to make money selling baked goods from home

How to make money selling baked goods from home 

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How to make money selling baked goods from home seems like a dream? Well, your love for baking can help you start a lucrative business from home. Read the article to find out all the yummy steps you need to start your home-based bakery.

“My Momma biscuits”, as the famous actor Martin Lawrence says. Baking homemade goods like cakes or cupcakes muffins or even biscuits for friends and family is good till you run out of patience and now you are thinking about charging. Baking is a talent and is not for everyone, baking takes time, creativity, and talent. The timing, the size, and shape of the pan, the amount of butter, water, 5 minutes too early will ruin it, 5 minutes too late will make it dry.  So it’s a whole art, that you need to master.

So, the question is why haven’t you started charging?

I mean what are you waiting on?

It has become overwhelming and the nice caring person you are, you just can’t turn down a compliment and a smile asking you to bake more goods for the next gathering they have. Your cell phone number became a hotline for sweets.

But wait this could be a good thing right? Why not turn this passion into a small business from your kitchen —then slowly into a storefront. This is doable. But let’s slow down first and take things teaspoon at a time.

How to make money selling baked goods from home?

1.Preheat the Oven (Business Plan ) 

Coming up with a business plan is very important, but starting with a few items to offer for sale is always better than a lot.

  • You will also need to figure out the basics first, Like which baked goods will you offer for sale? Will you be baking cakes by reservations only? Will you prepare first and then sell the goods? These factors are determined by your customer demand history.
  • Remember, it’s always good to sell when requested in the beginning. As you will be dealing with food and most importantly working from your home kitchen, you will be limited on stocking and space. You don’t want to cook a lot and end up tossing it out.
  • Make sure you include your advertising budget, start-up fees like licensing fees, insurance, etc.
  • Determine who you will sell to? Will you only sell to people you know or the public? That might require advertising like on social media platforms, and influencer marketing.

2.Setting up the ingredients  (Do you need a license to sell baked goods from home ? )

  • When accepting money in exchange for goods or services you are required to be licensed by your state. Running a business without a license is like baking a cake without the butter or oil, or a disaster waiting to happen.
  • You need to register a name, apply for insurance, and get inspected frequently by the state health department.
  • Also, pass a food safety program to get certified from your state. Each state has its laws and regulations so please contact your local office for more info.
  • When dealing with food you have to be very clean, well organized, and everything needs to be according to food safety guidelines.

3.Whip the Butter (SPREAD! The word out)

Making money selling baked goods from home requires more then just cooking ,Once you got your business plan and selected a business name for your startup you can get started by applying for all your business licenses.

  • Once you become official and are granted the right to start selling baked goods from home, you will need to spread the word out.
  • Inform your friends and family that you are officially a business owner.
  • Make sure you secure a good domain name as you will need this for your website.
  • Start collecting emails from your customers, this way you email all your subscribers for promotions and keep them in the know for new baked items you decide to sell later on.
  • You can find lots of easy ways to use email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or Sendinblue.
  • Print out some cool business cards and design a free website on
  • Using the right tools for a new startup is very important. Keeping track of inventory, payroll, accountant software like will save you time and money. Decide what tools you need for your startup, we recommend using only software that offers free trials. This way you can weigh out your options.

 4. Get the eggs (Home Baked business Ideas) 

Deciding which sweets to sell is important.

  • When creating your menu you will need to start with your most favorite choices the ones you receive the most compliments on. You don’t want to list a lot of choices at the very beginning, so keep it short and simple.
  • Make the menu nice and colorful, add real images from your cakes or whatever you decide to sell. People like seeing the real stuff and not imitations images from off the internet.
  • Ask your local supermarket if they will allow you to set up a small stand in the parking lot where you can hand out samples to customers walking out to or from their car.
  • The best way to grow your home based business is through customer feedback and reviews. Some may be good some may be bad, unfortunately, this comes with the business. Ask questions when you get an unpleasant review and see how you can improve it.
  • Join cake blogs, cooking blogs, and mom blogs. This is a perfect way to get your brand out.
  • Social media is a major player when it comes to branding. By using hashtags under your post when uploading your pastries also you can use hashtags like #cupcakes or#cakes to see what others are doing.
  • See what’s trending and what is selling. Hot sellers are cakes whether it’s a birthday or celebration, people will pay top dollars for a  good tasting cake, you will get better and smarter as you grow.

5. Add the flour and milk (How to sell baked goods online)

Once you are up and running and started generating a healthy stream of monthly income from selling baked goods from home you might want to consider selling online. With so many tools out there now opening an eCommerce store to sell your baked goods has never been so simple.

  • But there is some homework to get done, like how can you get the goods delivered fast and fresh, how much will it cost you, what courier service will you use and more.
  • When beginning your online store it will be better to run a small local online store where you can sell locally. You need to deliver the goods yourself within a 20-40 mile radius, this way you won’t have to worry if the product is not being damaged and the goods being delivered on time.
image of baked goods to sell from home, shows 10 items of different baked goods to sell from home

6.Batter and Bake (Conclusion) 

Operating a baked good from home business is very lucrative, you can make this a hobby or a part time income, or even a full-time hustle. When you are passionate about something— the sky’s the limit.

Another great option for becoming a business owner is buying your inventory at wholesale price. You can buy a lot or a little. At a wholesale price, you don’t need to buy more than you need. It’s important to buy wisely as everything has an expiration date. You need your goods to be sold to customers as fresh as possible. So, buy according to the space you have to store.

You can buy from a wholesale shop and save tons of money by using your tax ID number. So, there’s a lot of benefits to starting a business, and maybe one day you can leave that kitchen and step into a world of storefronts and run your business on the main street…

“I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.”  –JEFF BEZOS, CEO AMAZON

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