making extra money in nyc

Making Extra Money In NYC

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Thinking about how to start making extra money in NYC? Missing out on a lot of things due to a lack of money? Or you are earning that lump sum amount of money which is only enough for monthly expenditures? Do you need to enjoy the day out with your friends? Do you want to live the life of your dreams?

If your answers to the above questions are a big yes, then consider searching for side hustles to start today.

In this technologically equipped world, there are a lot more opportunities for teenagers as well as for women, and any other person looking for a second source of income.

Here we will look at ways for making extra money in NYC.

Side Hustles for Teens

Teens are very much energetic, to begin with, any kind of hustle. from freelancing to blogging, and getting paid for even playing games are some of the best choices an individual makes in his teens.

Based on the interest of that teenager, side hustles for teens are many. What if someone does not have the guts to become a blogger? Then he or she has an option to manage blogs of others, we precisely call them social media managers.

Side Hustles for Women

It is believed that side hustles for women shall flexible. So, owing to a dropshipping business to being a virtual assistant, and affiliate marketer the choice is theirs.

Monetizing the blogs through sponsored posts, creating and launching online courses, and then turning that experience into a coaching business are the skills every woman should know.

Catering business

A lot of women like to cook or bake. By practicing cooking and baking when you become perfect in it and it can also benefit one by earning money. Even if you like cooking or just baking you can provide your services at hospitals, schools, weddings, Or any such event. This is a very promising way to earn money.

Pet sitting

All now and then all pet owners required someone to take care of their pet when they need to go off to apply or just need to go away for a weekend. This job is not that hard but is a great way of earning money. If you are a person who gets well along with pets this is your go-to side hustle. This service provides great good money to the worker and sometimes the workers are tipped too. This job can include bathing, feeding, cleaning, or even training the pets. Based on your availability to provide the services you can either choose a full-time pet sitting or just a few hours.

Sell photos

In today’s digital world everything can work out digitally. One can learn and earn online. One of the best ways of earning money online is by selling photos. A lot of the brands and even online stores need photos for their marketing as well as showing their products. This is always going to provide good money to the seller. You can either contact a company brand directly or you can sell your photos directly on a website where people usually buy photos at a good price.


Nanny is a job that is always in demand. All parents need someone to take care of and look after the children when they need to go off to work, job, vacation or when they need to go off for the weekend. The job of a nanny is not too hard when a person gets along with kids well. Children also do listen and behavioral around strangers. So keeping the children in control and maintain won’t be that hard. Apart from this anyone going for the job a learn various skills to get along children well.  This job pays very well to the service provider.

Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning is a great job as a side hustle. It requires one to clean the pool effectively and thoroughly. It is usually in demand. Pool cleaning service provides a good salary to the workers. The job is physical but it isn’t that hard since more than one person is involved in the cleaning of a single pool due to this the job becomes less time-consuming. Pool cleaning service charges good money for cleaning pool due to which the workers also get good money apart from this the workers sometimes get a tip from the client.


Copywriting is a great way to earn money if you like writing or making money from writing. It is an act or employment of composing for advertising or other monetary gains. The product is written content, which seeks to increase label brand awareness and improve try and convince a group of people to take a specific action. This is termed a copy or marketing copy. Great we

Resume writing

A Resume is a legal document, which gives an idea of your credentials, covering your essential industry experience, abilities, training, and remarkable achievements. Typically combined with a personal statement, a summary assists you to exhibit your capacity and persuade companies to be skilled and hired. Resume writers provide descriptions or abstracts of an interviewee’s qualifications that are looking for a job. The writers of the resume ensure that the candidate’s qualifications, work history, and experience are presented clearly and understandably. Writing resumes pays good money to the Writer.

Start a blog

In today’s time, everyone likes posting about their interests and providing information regarding it. A lot of people do it for fun but you can also earn from it. In writing blogs on your blog you just have to inform people about the most mainstream things just so you get more likes and read. Creating a blog can be a hobby but what is better than being able to earn by the source of your hobby. All you have to do to earn money from your blog is to promote your blog to get as many views as you can because that’s what will help you to earn.

Social media marketing

In the digital world of today, the marketplace is digital as well as physical but the prosperity of the local marketplace also lies in its digital promotion. Any successful online stores or brands are successful because they have used social marketing for the business. Social media marketing is just the advertisement of any business. Main responsibilities include the creation of material that can be used on social networking sites, comprising text messages, videos, and photographs. Promotion of products, activities, and content using social networks. Develop innovative tactics and marketing for social media. This is a great way to earn money.

Selling online courses

Online courses have been helpful for all kinds of people in learning whatever details. Especially as the pandemic emerged the demand or engagement of people with online courses has increased. Online courses include training of any sort of skills or any Academic online course. You can either provide online video courses or you can share your handwritten notes regarding some particular subject which you made in your Academic years. This is a very good source of earning money online.


A lot of people enjoy taking pictures of things they admired in daily life. Some people like to take professional pictures for fun just as a hobby. But it is a matter of fact that you can earn money from this hobby of yours. Posting your photography online can also benefit you but if you promote yourself online you can engage yourself in larger projects such as filmmaking photography, wedding shots, photography for parties, etc. Photography gives off good money to the photographer this is a great way of earning money at any age.

Business consulting

In general, business consultants work in the fields of advertising, client services, administration, accounting. Business consultants are accountable for enhancing business operations through weaknesses assessment and business solutions recommendations. Even if you are a business student you can do a Good job since you know how things work. Business consultants advise management to assist firms to enhance quality and reliability. These individuals study firms and develop solutions while helping organizations achieve their objectives

Household sitter

Household sitters monitor over a house owner to ensure it remains busy whereas the homeowner is abroad. You switch on the lighting regularly to show that residents are present. They can also look for animals and maintain and polish the light. House sitting is a terrific method of keeping expenses lower while creating a new company, writing a book, touring the world or saving for a home purchase. Or even to arrive in a different city so far that might usually be too costly. This is a great way of earning money.

Property manager

Real estate agents are essential for proper consumer and business property management. This includes the determination of rates, the marketing, and filling of vacancies, the processing, and maintenance of tenants. This job is great for earning money. The job isn’t hard at all. You just have to be patient with customers and be passively annoying just so the property sells out.

Vacation consultant

Travel consultants meet customers to evaluate their travel needs and educate them about them. They are competent in advising customers on the appropriate travel solutions to meet their needs, desires, and competencies. For this job you just have to work out in understanding different countries and their living expenses. It’s not hard but it pays off well. Travel advisors work with resorts, airways, and other locations to get their customers the lowest pricing.

Drive for Uber

Uber is a very fast-growing service. The success of Uber is known worldwide. It’s a great side hustle for women as it does require much effort or physical activity. Also, the workers are free to move on the road at appropriate times such as their free time. There is no compulsion to go along any routine in it. The jobs pay well. It depends upon the number of rides that you take per day.

Flipping Domains

The practice of domain flipping is to buy a domain name inexpensively. Then you’ll sell the name to an independent buyer instead of doing anything with domain for far more than you bought for. Domain flipping is a big low-risk side rush for anybody, however, I would 100% suggest it to everyone with the least technical capabilities. This is a great job which offers very good money. You just have to develop skills for this.

Yoga instructor

Yoga is the most popular thing in today’s world. Everyone does yoga. The popularity of yoga is the reason why the demand for yoga instructors It’s high in today’s time. The job of a yoga instructor is quite easy for those who already are good at yoga and all practitioners and yoga. They can go about people’s places, or Gym to give instructions for classes for yoga. This job is not too hard but it pays well. Those who will enjoy doing yoga can earn money from their hobby.

Notary republic

A notary public under civil law shall be a law servant formed by law to serve the people about non-contentious issues usually related to property, deeds, jurisdiction, and ranging from international affairs. A notary, sometimes known as the notary public, is a person known to see legal papers, manly deeds, and property. As an official who has been publicly commissioned, a notary must verify the accuracy of documents and act as a non-partisan witness for the signature of court papers. This is a great side hustle and it also pays off well.

Make-up Service

A lot of girls like to do make-up and they also start this from an early age. You did the season some of them develop great makeup skills which are always in demand for those who are in events such as weddings, parties, or any such events. Nowadays the makeup services are always high in demand. Girls who are good at makeup can go about peoples places for providing their service or they can start a home salon. This is a great side hustle. It’s in demand which it is always being well paid. you should start providing make-up services either side hustle to earn good money.

Side Hustles for Men – Making extra money in NYC

Scrap Metal Removal

Scraping metal is a good job for those men who have the strength and health to carry out this job. It’s actually a tough job which often gets frustrating at times. It is actually a great side job for saving up money.

Junk Removal

Junk removal is a fascinating job for those who will work in their free time. It is because the junk removal companies charge a lot to do their job. This is why it’s quite likely that they pay well to their employees. On top of this junk, removers are sometimes tipped by customers when their carried services are hard.

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a good job for those who carry out any physical work efficiently. This job is not as hard as others but it does require quite some time. A pool cleaner makes well enough to save a good amount if money especially if it’s just a side job.


A landscaper is anyone who may carry out designing a yard or any garden. Landscapers usually have larger outdoor projects. However, people do hire landscapers for their lawns too. It’s actually a really fun job since those people how to enjoy spending time with nature get to earn well from landscaping, there are so much landscaping  tools and equipment that can make the job easy! who wouldn’t want to start landscaping

Television installation

Television installation services are great as a side job. This job usually requires lesser time to be carried out. The TV installation job may be best for those for like to work with tools.

Security Cameras Installation

Another great job is installing securing cameras. The good thing about this job is that does involve more than one person which is great as teamwork is usually less time as well as energy consumption. Also, this job pays well.

Pest control

Pest control companies hire people to work for the pest controlling service which is quite in demand most of the time. The job is easy but not too easy since there are many precautions to follow and one must stay safe. The job usually requires a lot of staff due to which one can always find a job in pest control services. They pay moderately well. The job requires one to use various chemicals as well as procedures to kill the pests and control their spread.

Moving Service

This service is the kind of service that never gets out of season. The job would require one to move people’s possessions from one place to another. It is not too easy since it requires moving heavy as well as large objects. The job might be time-consuming as loading, unloading, and driving to the location takes time accordingly. Moving service also pays well to the employees.

Window tinting

Window tinting is an all-time great job. The job isn’t too hard since physical but careful working is required. The rate of tinting one car is quite great for saving money. As tinting one car chargers moderately well. The job is easily doable and one should opt for providing window tinting services. The time for tinting one car’s windows isn’t much due to which a person may earn as much as he possibly works for. This job is a great side hustle for saving money.

Lyft Driver

In today’s world travel and cab services are always in demand. Lyft driving service is one great side hustle for earning money. The job isn’t hard at all. You legit have to sit in your vehicle all day and move people around. It isn’t too boring either since some riders like to have conversations with the drivers. The job offers good money as the number of rides increases. And the best part is one can go about taking rides anytime and for as long as he wishes. You don’t have to spare time from your busy routine.

Menu boards

In the digital world of today, the increasing demand for technology is inevitable. As now everything is done digitally the menus are also likely displayed on digital boards. This demand makes great vacancy for menu board making jobs which is a great side hustle and always in demand. You just have to design and deliver menu boards for your customers. It requires software as well as hardware. The costs of making one board are moderately great which is beneficial for the board makers. Apart from this the one-time changes also have good charges.

Designing menu

A quality menus design is critical to the marketing campaign of any business. When designing a menu, it should show the essence of the company concentrate your actions overall, generate profits, set your budgets, and maintain your image in the market of your consumers. For these important reasons the job of designing menus is worthwhile. The job is a good thing for those who love to invent and work with technology.

Grocery Delivery

In our current life, the delivery service is of great importance. Ever since covid-19 emerged the demand for delivery services has increased. The job requires you to deliver the packages of people at their doorstep. And it pays well when you work with bigger organizations.

Wholesaling products

For those individuals who wish to become one of the best businessmen or wish to start a business, this is the best side hustle for them. The job is to buy products from the wholesale market and sell them at comparably lower rates. This is the best way of learning how to deal with and manage the business. The number of sales determines the amount of budget received. In this side hustle, one must learn effective ways for selling the products.

Starting a Business Vlog

In spare time the best one can do is work from home. The best way nowadays is through the screen. Starting a business vlog is a great idea, to begin with. For providing informative videos one will have to first learn the good effective strategies. If the videos provide great informative content the view may benefit you greatly.

Cutting Hair

Cutting hair is a good skill that isn’t too hard to learn. The demand for haircuts is always in the market since people do have to get their hair cut. But learning unique and attractive haircuts can help you earn the best. Therefore the best way to keep your mark in the haircut game is to learn or create some marvelous haircuts. It is a great way to save or earn money.


If you live in a big city where a lot of popular people reside the best way for a side hustle is to become a bouncer. Apart from the big city scenario, one can still work for bouncer jobs for various bars, clubs, arenas, etc. This job is not too hard as all you have to do is keep an eye on situations to keep them under control. There probably are some skills that you will have to learn for the job. This job pays well.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a job that is doable for almost all people. The job requires one to clean the windows of houses, buildings, museums, schools, etc. The job is pretty doable. There might be some problems for those who are scared of heights in the case of cleaning the windows of tall buildings. Anyways this job pays well to the workers.

Fixing iPhones

If you are a person who is interested in technology and you also know and like to fix technical issues in electronics then you are the best fit for this job. It is a complete side hustle that pays off well. There always seems to be one problem or another with iPhones which makes the demand for technical expertise high.

Mobile Car wash

Auto-Mobile cleaning is the process of completely scrubbing, restoring, and polishing of the automobile, producing clean and polishing of high standard. It’s a professional service that provides you with a car wash. The demand for this service is always high. The services pay off well. The job requires effort and physical activity but it’s a great side hustle.

Work from Home Part-Time

To fulfill your dreams, a day job is usually not enough when you are not coming from a financially stable background. So, the day job will let you pay every month for the essentials of life.

However, the side hustles will be the game changer of your financial conditions. So, grab the freedom of spending your desired amount of money.

Begin work from home part-time. It is noteworthy that the people who work from home can save a lot of money. So, working from home has its perks.

Final Thoughts

If anyone is dissatisfied with his financial conditions, then there are many options available for making extra money in NYC and getting along with it in the long run. Evaluate all the possible options and start from today. Work for your dreams and make them come true through constant efforts.

Our mission is to help people earn extra in their spare time without leaving their day jobs. With our platform, you can explore sustainable business growth program opportunities to make extra income effortlessly. Our vision is to become the No.1 Search Market for side hustles and small business ideas for teens.

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