10 Largest Food Distribution Companies

Largest Food Distribution Companies

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Largest Food Distribution Companies: Here are all the latest details

In today’s world, food production is one of the most technologically sophisticated industries. This industry has never experienced a low point, thanks to everything from cutting-edge mechanics to rapid progress in “cooking methods.” This business is involved in not only the production of goods, but also the transportation, storage, and sale of those goods. The food supply chain begins in agriculture with the planting of seeds and finishes on the supermarket shelf. Food production is one of the most important industries associated with food consumption, therefore it might be included as well. As a result, the food sector stands apart from all others. Only a few sectors, such as food, are driven by demand. Consumption habits vary with the seasons, and this causes variations in output.

Stats on Largest Food Distribution Companies

If we look at some numbers, the global food industry produces about $4 trillion each year. New packaging, which has resulted in improved product safety and freshness, has contributed even more to these totals. As time has passed, man has sought simpler methods to get food, and processed, ready-to-eat, packaged meals have provided the answer. As the market grows, so does the amount of research being done to create better goods.
There are many food-related industries to consider.

Among the most common types of food are dairy products, fish, fruits, and vegetables, but you may also find useful items like vitamins and organic food. There are many more examples. It’s in the food business if it can be eaten. Terrestrial farming provides around 84% of the food we eat today, with fish aquaculture accounting for the remaining 20%.

Once the goods are made, they must be distributed, which is a critical stage in the food industry.

Cargo trucks are used by almost every major food manufacturer to deliver their goods from the distribution center to retail outlets.

The food sector has made significant contributions to the US economy throughout the years, and it will continue to do so. This industry accounts for 5% of GDP and 10% of state employment.

Due to their superior flavor and quality, American food items are not only eaten domestically but are also exported globally. This has had a cascading impact on the whole US economy.

Here are a few of the largest food distribution Companies in the US

Sysco Corporation is a good example of this.

As of March 19, 2019, Sysco has already celebrated its Golden Jubilee, marking the company’s 50th anniversary. The wholesaling business includes this public company. Located in Texas, the firm supplies meals to hotels, which account for the majority of its business. It has over 6 million customers and provides its services to over 100 countries.

According to data from 2017, the business has a workforce of 70,000 employees. In the same year, the company had a profit of US$1.143 billion. They are said to possess about 8600 distribution trucks, based on certain estimates.

US Foods:

In addition to being a publicly-traded food distributor, John Sexton established US foods on August 1, 1989, with its headquarters in Illinois. The food business in the United States includes frozen and prefabricated meals, as well as fresh meats. As of 2017, the business had a net income of $444 million, according to available data. There was $ 24.147 billion in revenue produced in 2017.

In 2018, it had a workforce of about 26000 employees and a fleet of around 5700 trucks. Restaurants, healthcare, tourism, and education are the most important markets for the company.


In DB Reinhart, this for-profit business was started in 1972. Currently, 29 distribution facilities and 1400 vehicles are in use by the business. The ingredients, meats, and other fresh goods are the company’s primary products. The primary clients include food distribution chains, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. Reinhart Foods has 2200 workers and a yearly sales of 666 million dollars, according to the company’s financial statements.

Company Ben E. Keith

Ben E. Keith established the Ben E. Keith business in Texas in 1906 as a private food distribution enterprise. Today, the business employs 4000 people and earns $5.5 billion annually. The company’s 1070 trucks deliver items such as meats, frozen goods, and so on. Beer and energy drinks. Restaurants, healthcare, and educational institutions are among the most frequent customers.

Performance Food Group:

The performance food group was established in Virginia in 1885 as a public food distributor. More than 14000 people work for the business, and they strive to make their goods the finest on the food market. Independent and Chain restaurants account for the majority of buyers. Everything that is considered a food item is available for purchase. In 2017, the business earned yearly sales of approximately $18 billion, according to data.

Golden States Foods:

Golden State Foods is a major Mcdonald’s supplier and a major food distributor in the United States. Originally a meat supplier to McDonald’s, this business was established in 1947 and is based in California.

In 2010, the business had a workforce of 6000 employees and a revenue of about 7 billion dollars by 2017. Additionally, it provides food for Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, KFC, and Taco Bell in addition to McDonald’s A large part of the business’s output is beef and other types of meat. This business owns between 600 and 700 trucks altogether.

United Natural Foods:

In 1976, a public food distribution business called United National Foods was established. Its headquarters are in the United States, but it offers its services across the country, including Canada. The total income produced was close to $20 billion. According to Forbes, the business is worth $1,781 million. As of 2019, 19,000 people were working at the company. Organic and health-related foods are the primary items offered. Nut importation, roasting, and packaging are all part of the business.

H. T. Hackney Company

An American wholesaler and distributor, the H. T. Hackney Company, is located in New York City. Henry Tate Hackney established it in 1891. Grocery, cigarettes, frozen foods, deli goods, snacks, and drinks are the most common products sold. H.T. hackney’s clients are mostly located in the Eastern US 21 states. There are two types of retail centers in this area: grocery shops and drugstores. This distribution business earned about 6 billion US dollars in sales in 2019, based on current data. The firm has hired 4300 people who work around the clock to keep things running smoothly.

McLane’s Foods service

Texas-based McLane business was established in 1894. There are now 49000 grocery shops and 37000 restaurants using it as one of their wholesale suppliers. The company is unique in that it offers its products and services to both civilian and military customers.

There are 21000 people employed by this business. The business made almost $205 million in revenue last year. There are 2200 tractors in all that McLane food services owns and operates.

Performance Food Services

Founded in 1885 by James Carper, the Performance Food Group Business is a publicly-traded food distribution company. Its corporate offices are located in Richmond, Virginia. It is estimated that approximately 14000 people work in the performance food services industry.

Statistics from 2017 show that the total income produced was $17.5 billion. Seafood, cheese, dairy, bread, fruits, vegetables, spices, and drinks are among the goods provided. Grocery shops and restaurants are examples of potential customers.

Conclusion: Largest Food Distribution Companies

About all of these food distribution companies have increased sales when looking at yearly revenues and net income. This sector of the food business will continue to thrive as new shops and restaurants open their doors, as well as a new technology being introduced.

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