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nine money-making Loan referrals and Affiliate Programs

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Become a loan affiliate partner, make money from loan referrals …

Loan referral programs are another way, or you can call it a second income stream for people to earn along with their primary source of earning. There are lots of different loan referrals that are helping to earn money. Affiliation with loan offering companies is one of the most legit and suitable sources of driving your second income stream.

Being an affiliate of a lending company, it’s upon you to guide people looking for loans, but also you can get a specified sum of money in the form of commission. With every lending from your referral, you will be rewarded in the form of commission.

What is the task of being a loan affiliate?

Working as a loan referral agent is not as easy as it looks, definitely low-risk high reward but you need to put in work, finding new leads can be frustrating, but once you get the hang of it it shouldn’t be hard, becoming well known in the industry plays a big role, that’s why its important to network spread the word out the place your info in local papers, send postcards and find websites like craigslist where you can promote your services, making commissions from loan referrals are great but if that’s not something you have time for you can always create a blog and promote companies on your site and you get paid for referring users from your site to there’s below are 9 companies you can make money as a loan affiliate partner 

Becoming a loan affiliate marketer 

Loan affiliates are a great way to make money online unlike loan referrals they don’t require actually speaking to people, no phone calls just good information for them to read online. As a loan affiliate marketer, you can join hundreds of other people who have made their living with this work from home. 

The most important thing that you need to become a successful loan affiliate is knowledge and experience. If you don’t know what works for your audience then it will be hard to sell the product or service that is being offered by the merchant. Writing articles on loans, homes, and auto loans is a smart way to become a loan affiliate marketer With so many different products and services that can provide an affiliate income, there isn’t room for failure when it comes to finding something that gets results for your audience! 

Nine Loan Affiliate Programs

However, if you do find something that works well for them then they’ll love your honest reviews about the products and services available through these programs After burning our midnight oil, we found these top 10 loan affiliate programs which can be of great help to you:


Commission: no particular

Offered loan: $1000  to $100k

Cookies duration: 45 days

Credit Sesame is one of the best online platforms that lend not only to businesses but also to students. Here one can get personal, Auto, and student loans at a reasonable cost. The user can open an online saving account with them too. Through a mobile app, they can track their account performance. It’s now easy to join credit sesame by filling out the joining form given on thor site. The affiliate managers’ network assists the newbies for loans and further steps—flexible comparatively high commissions paid to the affiliates with every conversion.


Commission:  $750 per funded loan

Offered loan: up to $100K

Cookies: 45 days

Supermoney is a platform for making comparisons of financial services. Their affiliate network helps people looking for loans, investments, and financial products. The high conversion rates and commissionable directions are some of the most influencing factors that attract affiliates. SuperMoney being a financial aggregator, its partners are well-known banks empowering their consumers by providing financial services. The $750 payout applies to almost every financial service SuperMoney offers.


Commission: $2/signup and

Offered loan: $1000 to $100000

Cookies: 30 days

Do you need personal or educational loans? Then go with the payoff lending platforms. Credit cards and loan consolidations are available with Payoff to choose from—this option suits the users’ needs, either a business or an individual. Before funding the payoff, ask the borrower to check their rate. The payoff affiliate program has a team of professionals who better understand and know how to improve people’s financial wellness.


Commission: $2 per sign up

Offered loan: $1000 to $50000

Cookies: 30 days

Credit karma is known for its tracking credit score ability. It’s one of the most popular tools, which gives $2 to the affiliate for every signup people do. Using this tool, the customers can review their financial health. This platform provides suggestions, recommendations about 3rd party services. The affiliate publishers provided tracking tools, required materials, etc., commission payout is $2 for every single signup the user makes. The conversion rate of credit karma is higher due to its prime features.


Commission: $240 per sale

Offered loan: up to $100,000

Cookies: 45 days

If you want a loan in real-time by vetted lenders, then Credible is the best online lending platform. It provides competitive and personalized loans to borrowers at flexible rates. The loan limit is up to $100000. One can apply online for a loan and their best payout per sale attracts affiliates around the world. Their high conversion and competitively high payouts are enough. Moreover, their affiliate network helps newbies to learn and learn about the program.


Commission: 80% of the sale

Offered loan: up to $5000

Cookies: 45 days

Personal loans up to $5000 with personalized terms are now available with bad credit loans. Under this platform, people can apply for personal loans online to meet their emergency expenses up to $5000. Furthermore, the service of lending is available 24/7, having no hidden fees or charges. Their affiliates get 80% of every loan funded. The highest possible loan amount one can get is $10000.


Commission: $100 for qualified loan application

Offered loan: $1000 to $50000

Cookies: 45 days

The cash advance is one of the highest affiliate commission-paying lending programs. For borrowing funds from cash advance, the user must be a. US citizen and at least 18 years of age. Moreover, He/she must have verified employment with a $1000/month income after tax deduction. Their affiliates are highly paid, having a strong network.


Commission: $100 forever loan funded

Offered loan: $1000 to $50000

Cookies: 45 days

Without a doubt, the Upstart is one of the most worthwhile lending platforms for one who is either an investor or a potential borrower. Under this platform, you can get a loan between $1000 to $50000. Furthermore, This lending company has an affiliate network that issues monthly payouts and also gives access to tracking tools to the affiliates. Moreover, their team of affiliate managers assists junior affiliates by optimizing their campaigns.


Commission: $110 per lead

Offered loan: $1,000 to $35,000

Cookies: 45 days

Personal loans are needed for almost everyone who is living in the middle or lower class. A personal loan is a platform where you can get loans by applying online. The amount of loan offered is between $1000 to $35000. A network of lenders and affiliate partners is there to provide easy personal loans to customers. A commission-based system offers multiple affiliate programs where affiliates having more than 100 leads get $120 commission per lead.

-Summing Up

After reviewing the above-explained top loan affiliate programs,  and ways to earn as a loan referral partner now it’s up to you to decide these affiliate programs provide distinct offers. Such lending programs offer second income streams to the affiliates with lump sum commissions on every conversion.

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