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Pressure Washer Company | E-Z Ways to Start A Pressure Washer Business

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Planning to start a pressure washing business? The decision will almost never go flawed. It doesn’t require extensive training or qualification, the initial costs of equipment, gear, and payroll are minimal, and the operational costs of running this type of business are also low.

Cleaning facilities, on the other hand, are still in high demand, providing a steady stream of revenue for business owners if managed properly after learning all the e-z ways to start a business.

In the following sections, you will learn:

  • What actually the business is about?
  • What is needed to start the business?
  • How to find and attract customers?
  • How profitable is the business?

What Actually the Business Is About?

Pressure washers are used by pressure washing companies to perform their services, and a pressure washer, also known as a power washer, is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer that is used to remove things like clogged oil, greasy marks, unnecessary graffiti, loose paint, fungus, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from rough surfaces such as buildings, walls, ships, and vehicles.

Pressure washing is a huge industry that is booming all over the world, particularly in developed countries like the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Italy, to name a few.

What Is Needed to Start the Business?

Following are the e-z ways to start a pressure washer company:

1.   Sharpen Your Abilities

Although it might seem obvious that learning to power wash is a must before starting a Pressure Washer Business, it’s surprising how many people enter this industry with no practical knowledge of how to provide the services they plan to offer.

Although learning how to pressure wash is much easier than learning many other professional trades, there is a significant learning curve when going pro.

Borrowing or renting a pressure washer is a perfect way to experiment with various surface forms. You can also watch advanced videos on YouTube, just make sure to take safety precautions to prevent injury.

It’s time to grab a wand and put your profound experience to use once you have mastered the technique.

2.  Establish Your Pressure Washer Business Correctly

Starting a pressure washing business necessitates the acquisition of the required licenses, insurance, and approvals. The exact permits needed will largely depend on your legal requirements. As a result, make sure you contact your local licensing office or county clerk to figure out what the criteria are – if you’re not certain who to approach, try Google “search my county clerk.”

·       Start By Giving It A Name

Give your company a name and obtain a domain name that corresponds, as this will be your website address.

·       Obtain A Business Permit

To start your pressure washing company, you’ll need a business license from the local, state, and federal governments. It can be as simple as obtaining a state-issued small business license for certain small business owners. Others, on the other hand, might need more, depending on what you do and what is your locality.

·       For Tax Purposes, You Must Register Your Business

Confirm what kind of taxes, such as self-employment taxes and service tax, you’ll have to pay before starting a pressure washing company.

·       Obtain Insurance

It’s essential that you buy insurance coverage, workers’ liability insurance, and equipment insurance to protect yourself from property harm, accidents to yourself or staff, and damage to equipment.

·       Open A Bank Account for Your Company

A business bank account aids in the separation of your personal assets from those of your company, which is critical for personal asset security. Accounting and tax preparation are also a lot simpler.

Ensure you have a business credit card to keep your personal and business expenses apart. This will allow you to keep track of all of your business expenses in one location. This would improve the company’s credit history, making it much easier to raise funds and invest in the future if necessary.

3.  Invest in Your Own Pressure Washing System

Although renting pressure washing equipment can sound right when you just get started, you will eventually need to buy your own later.

You will need the following items:

  • Pressure washers, pumps, generators, nozzles, additives, ground cleaners, and other pressure washing equipment
  • A truck or van to transport your supplies, complete with logos on the sides.
  • Job shirts or uniforms.

How To Find And Attract Customers?

There are two ways you should learn and remember to get customers:

1.   The Importance of Marketing

You’ll need digital networks for marketing to start a Pressure Washer Business. The greater the number of accounts, the better. Having a presence on a mere one social network isn’t enough; you need to be active on as many as possible.

When you active yourself on a digital platform it aids in the following:

  • Establish a trustworthy reputation.
  • Bring in a new audience
  • Make friends with professionals who share your interests.
  • Increase the variety of your marketing activities.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website.

You can communicate with prospects and customers via social media. When performed correctly, it can instantly increase revenue. Posting on a daily basis and at the correct time can be difficult, but there are online resources that can help you automate the system, such as Buffet.

2.   Give Them Interest and Desire to Pay for Your Service

The key to attracting new customers is to capture their attention and then raise their interest in paying for your service.

  • With the purchase of a driveway cleaner, you get a free patio and front stoop washing.
  • Get their attention with a fact: Did you know that getting a clean driveway will increase the perceived value of your home by $20,000?
  • Make Them Feel Left Out To Generate Desire: In the last 3 weeks, 17 of your residents have decided to improve the resale value of their homes. So, what exactly are you waiting for?
  • Give Your Offers a Time Limit: This deal will expire in 9 days, so feel free to call me at XXX-XXX or send us a mail at and book your services instantly.

How Profitable Is the Business?

One of the first questions you’ll probably have when you’re thinking about running a Pressure Washer Business is how much money you can make.

You could decide on a cost of $57.13 to $86.66 per hour, or $0.46to $0.80 per square foot, as an approximation. Working on the building exterior with a living space of 1,200 to 2,500 square feet you may get to earn between $323.717 and $467.40. A deck measuring about 250 square feet, on the other hand, can be charged anywhere from $127.55 to $224.82. Keep in mind that your monthly earnings will be minimal in the first few months after you start your company. However, as your skills increase and more customers trust you with their pressure cleaning needs, you’ll be able to take on more projects and contracts every month. You’ll notice that you’re making more money soon.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned e-z ways suggest that looking to start your own power washing company can be a very lucrative and successful way to get your foot in the door of entrepreneurship.

Taking the time to map out your whole strategy ahead of time is the best way to ensure that you can stick with it in the long run.

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