Small Business Project Management Tools: Business on a Budget

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Small Business Project Management Tools are perfect for new business owners. Starting a small business requires more than just having an idea. It entails many things that must be in place to prevent any complications while running the business. A business requires adequate planning including the financial aspect, location, target audience, and many more. It may be a little difficult succeeding when one starts a business without any prospect or tangible goals to achieve. Are you planning to start a small business? This article will teach you how to start a business on a budget.

Tips for Starting a Business on a Budget

1. Work from Home

Running a business may require renting a space for work and this is one of the biggest expenses for business newbies. It may be a little difficult keeping up with a rent/lease when you are short of finances. To cut the cost among other expenses, you can decide to work from home: conduct virtual meetings using Zoom, Meet, or Skype, organize meetings with co-investors or business partners in coffee shops/bar. Monitor your employees using free online management tools for startups such as Slack, Trello, google sheet and so on.

2. Start as a Sole Proprietor

A sole proprietor is an individual who operates a business alone. A sole proprietorship is a kind of business enterprise run by a sole trader in which there is no legal connection between the business and the owner. Starting as a sole proprietor will save a lot of stress; it is easy to setup.

3. Purchase Your Items Using a Wholesaler

Look for traders who are always interested in helping new businesses work on a budget. It will go a long way in helping you find good deals and also purchasing items in bulk at a considerable cost.

Top Free Small Business Project Management Tools

The pandemic has opened our eyes to many possibilities such that everybody can run a business without physically available. Presently, many businesses have embraced the beauty of the internet with no reduction in productivity.

Fascinating, right?

This has many starting a business easier, less expensive, and less stressful with many virtual apps developed to make planning and running easier. We have gone through the trouble of collating free tools for startups. These free tools for startups include:

1. Asana

You cannot do everything on your own as a business entrepreneur. You need a team of workers to fill up certain departments in the business including accounting, marketing, and many more. The beauty of working online is that it restricts your workers to any location. You can work from anywhere in the world with no complications. Using Asana makes it even better.

Asana is an application developed to assist small businesses to improve their workflow, manage projects, coordinating with team members, planning and tracking employees’ progress. It is an incredible workspace where you can assign tasks to your workers.

2. Payroll4free

This is one of the best Small Business Project Management Tools that address the issue of paying workers correctly and on-time. If you are just starting your business, you need your employees working very hard to achieve as much as possible. However, failure to give them what they deserve may be detrimental to the business. Using payroll4free will help you pay employees and contractors alongside other features which includes:

  • Employees portal
  • Detailed reports
  • Distributed tax calculations

3. Sendinblue

Sending out emails when starting a business is an excellent method of getting more people to patronize your business. Apart from getting new skilled workers and required tools for the business, another important aspect of a business is MARKETING. One of the best free tools for starting a marketing campaign using email strategies is Sendinblue. They allow you to send up to 300 emails a day.

4. Metigy

These free tools also fall in the marketing department, especially for social media marketing. Nowadays, taking your business online is the best form of marketing. If you reach sixty (60) people using offline marketing strategies, you can reach sixty thousand (60,000) people using social media marketing strategies, and Metigy is always there to assist. It is an automated software/website which gives you detailed analyses of your progress and suggestions that can help your business grow socially. Talking your business to the social media space requires you to identify content that is trending to improve engagement and attract more people to the business. Metigy can help you with all these for free.

5. Hubstaff

While your employees work online, it is sometimes impossible to know what they are doing or whether they are working as instructed. Hubstaff makes working from home more reliable because it assists employers or business owners to track the progress of their employees through time-tracking, tracking activity levels, and taking screenshots. It helps you monitor your employees while working on specific tasks.  

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