Start a business with no money and bad credit

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 If you are looking to start a business with no money and bad credit, then this article can guide you with proven tips and strategies. 

There was a time when doing business without money was not possible. This is not true anymore. Business ideas and real-life skills are required to launch a successful startup. Financing for a startup can be acquired from various methods. If you have a business idea, required skills, and perseverance, then you can start a successful business venture.

Start a business that has fewer capital needs When you have no money and bad credit

When you don’t have enough money, it is recommended to start a business that doesn’t require a lot of upfront capital. There are a lot of businesses that require a very less amount of capital. Businesses that sell services usually require less capital as compared to those which sell products. This can save a lot of capital especially if your business is internet-based. You can set a website and can promote your services to the World in a very small amount. This can save a huge amount of capital.

Be a rational minimalist

When people decide to launch a business, they are sometimes blindly optimistic about its million-dollar success. Reality is always different from expected projections. Don’t buy expensive equipment that can drain your upfront capital. Only buy equipment that are essential to carry out your business operations. Instead of fancy latest model equipment, it is better to buy secondhand equipment. As your business grows, you can invest in the business to buy expensive and fancy equipment. Secondly, only buy equipment that is mandatory to be bought to start the business. The more money you can save upfront, the more money you’ll have to cover the fixed cost of your business.

Do business as a side hustle

It is a known fact that businesses take time to settle. It is only a blind optimism to believe that your startup will boom in the first couple of months. If you quit your job and start a full-time business, you may run out of your financing soon. Keep working on your job, and keep on investing your savings in your business. This way your job will meet your living expenses, while side by side your business will start growing. Initially, your business revenue will get reinvested in your business. There will come a time when your business will grow, and that’s would be the right time to quit the job. 

Look for Alternate Funding Options

No matter how much you minimize your startup cost, you require capital to start your business, as well as to run the business successfully. If you don’t have money to invest in your business, here are a few alternative financing methods that you can apply.

Friends and family

As a startup, the best source of financing is friends and family. You can pitch your startup idea or share your business plan with people in your close circle. If your business plan makes some sense, most probably you can get your business partner from your friends and family. Many people have money, but they can’t do business. They invest money in the business to generate passive income. You can also get the required loan from your family and friends, for which you won’t have to pay any interest either.


There are various startup competitions that you can win to get grants for your startups. If you have a really good startup idea that can influence positive change in society, then you should consider going for Grants. Government and World organizations offer these grants to help young entrepreneurs make an impact in society. 


Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept of financing. It involves getting money from a large number of people for business ventures. Crowdfunding usually occurs through Internet where potential investors invest money for some returns. There are various types of crowdfunding available. Some investors will donate while others will invest for their equity percentage. You can check out different crowdfunding options on Google. You have to decide which crowdfunding option suits you the most.

Incubators & Accelerators

Incubators and accelerators also provide a great opportunity to start a business with no money and bad credit. As a startup, it is recommended to join incubators. Incubation centers not only polish your idea but also provide you with different capital sources. Mentors guide entrepreneurs for their startup venture. The incubation stage will also help you realistically understand the practicality of your idea. It is better not to waste money on an idea that is vague and not practical. When you launch startups after incubation and accelerator program, you give some equity percentage of your company to these incubators.

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