What is a White Label Reseller Program? | Pros and Cons

white label reseller program
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Online technology has not only changed the way of living but the way of shopping and selling, as well. You might have heard about the white label reseller program but don’t know the things behind it. It is just like cleaning something to make it white and reselling it. Its actual meaning is somehow the same. A white label reseller program is a program in which a reseller known as a white label reseller buys a product and resells it by rebranding it. Without featuring company branding, reselling is white label reselling.

There are many products in the market that you can buy and customize to rebrand accordingly. It will be a better option to resell then. These days white label resellers are getting more popular because of the rise in online technologies. A white label reseller owns a product and sets it according to his company logos, then he resales it to his clients depending on their needs. If you feel there is a product you can buy and sell differently to gain more benefit, became a white label reseller then. In some cases, the clients are not even aware of the white labeling.

Pros and Cons of White Label Reseller Program

White-labeled products are proved to be a better choice for both sellers and resellers. The white label reseller program lets the seller gain more audience by reaching the clients of a reseller. Whereas the reseller gets more benefit with fewer efforts. But there is much more to know about this reseller program. Here we are going to share some pros and cons of the white label reseller program to make you understand what it actually is and how it works for both parties.


  1. Branding is Easy

If you want to rebrand the products then with a white label reseller program, it is too easy. You can simply buy them and give them a name to start reselling. Your business can step up by sticking logos on new products. White labeling reseller program lets you earn money without rushing for developments and services. You get a ready-made product and give it your brand name to resell it to related customers.

  • Loyal Branding

As you are already running your business, your brand is proved to be loyal to the customers, so you can now win their hearts with new products easily. They will believe you and the new development, as well, because they have a good relationship with your company. So, adding a rebranded product will give you benefit from your good customer base.

  • No Requirement of Skills

It’s like diving for the first time and feeling like you have been there for so long. The white label reseller program doesn’t require any previous skills. There is no need for business acumen, technical knowledge, sales skills, etc. You just have to buy from the seller, making it your product through your brand name and reselling it like a pro. The only requirement is a powerful mind that knows how to capture customer needs and select the product accordingly.

  • Good to Grow

It’s not only for the successful people, but it actually helps the newbies. If someone has started his small business, he can reach more people with the help of a white label reseller. One can also be a reseller if he has a good customer base. In both cases, there is a benefit to joining the white label program. It is the most suitable option to grow with; you will face lesser difficulties this way.

  • Easily Manageable

If you are seeing it as a side plan or second career option, what’s more helpful? The white label reseller program lets you earn money with ease and convenience. You can also manage your job or actual career plan along with this incredible earning method. Just a small amount of investment and you are all set to go. You can manage your main job or business with this side plan to earn some extra money or reputation.

  • Keeps Your Client Happy

If you are looking for some ways to keep your clients happier, then the white label reseller program is the right option for you. It helps you maintain the satisfaction of your customers. They know you will provide them with the appropriate thing. On the other hand, you understand their needs because of the prior relation you have with them. Hence it allows you to meet their needs in a better way. You can reach expectations easily as compared to other competitors because you are working according to customer demands.

You will notice rapid brand growth, which is highly beneficial for you and your company. Moreover, you will experience decreased production cost but increased supply, making you a successful reseller. All this seems so impressive, but coming to the cons is also important:


  1. Consistency

Unlike brands, white label programs disturb the product consistency because you don’t know about the quality controls as a reseller. You are getting the thing and forwarding it to your customers without being consistent.

  • No Control

Both sides, especially the resellers, don’t have enough control over the production and quality. If you are ready to lose your controlled part in business, then you are ready to be a white label reseller; else, you need time.

  • Customer Base

Being a white label reseller, you will be having a risk of losing your potential customers just because of some seller. If customers are not happy, they will leave you, which will result in the breaking down of your brand. Moreover, if you are working on a smaller scale as a reseller, the white label reseller program is not for you. It may not work because of the not so good relations with your customer base. You won’t be having a huge customer base as you are a newbie or working on a smaller scale.

Final Words

The white label reseller program is worthy when it comes to growth and development as it gives you a chance to earn money with ease and less effort. So, it means no waste of time or money; invest a small amount and start reselling if you have a strong customer base and brand. But don’t forget to consider the pros and cons we have mentioned as it is not necessary that every time and for everyone, white labeling works.

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