pros and cons of personal loans to pay off credit card debt

Pros and cons when dealing with the credit card settlement lawyer

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Credit card debt settlement is a way to get out of credit card debt quicker. However, the process can be complicated and may end up costing you more than if you just continued paying your minimum payments over time. Hiring a credit card settlement lawyer may not be for everyone. May all lawyers take your case, maybe they might advise you to file for bankruptcy.  If you want to know more about credit card settlement lawyer before making any decisions, read this blog post for all the pros and cons!

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Pros of debt settlement with Credit Card Settlement Lawyer

1.Allows you not to get swarmed in debt and it may avoid bankruptcy

A lot of people in the United States are not able to manage their debt and they will end up getting a settlement. This is where most credit card companies will allow you to pay your debts off over time with an affordable monthly payment that can be managed. A lot of people may think that this is a new type of way out from their debt, but it has been around for a while now, when getting backed up in credit debt it can be a real struggle paying them off, interest fees, and late fees piling up, you won’t know who to pay off first.

2.Helps you pay off your debt more quickly

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Do you have credit card debt that is causing you stress? Are collections hounding you every day, making it difficult for you to function normally? If so, then maybe it’s time to consider settling credit card debt. Settling credit card debt can be a good option if your cash flow cannot handle the monthly payments on your debts. It will allow you to pay off some of the amount owed each month and stop worrying about collectors calling all the time. However, before settling make sure that this is really what you want to do because once you settle with one creditor they are not legally obligated to remove their negative information from your report. But if done correctly, settlement can put an end to those annoying phone calls and help get rid of outstanding balances faster


What do credit card settlement lawyers do?  You may be thinking that this is a question with an obvious answer. But the reality is, depending on your legal situation and what type of credit card company you are dealing with, it can vary greatly. For instance, if you have been sued by a debt collector or creditor for nonpayment of debts owed to them, then there’s a good chance that they are also suing you in court for the debt. In these cases, attorneys who specialize in bankruptcy law may be able to help negotiate settlements so long as both parties agree to settle out of court. On the other hand, when negotiating settlements with creditors without lawsuits filed against us or judgments entered against us in court


1.They might not settle

In addition to the fact that there is no assurance that the debt settlement firm will be able to achieve a satisfactory settlement for all of your obligations, some creditors will not engage with debt settlement organizations at all,and you may still have to cough u a lawyer fee regardless so make sure you take note of this and don’t be afraid to negotiate with your lawyers ,some questions can be –

  • What if you didnt settle with some debt collectors ? 
  • Can you charge me per result ?
  • Can you charge me for only debts that are settled ?

2. Debt settlement may affect your credit for up to 7 years 

The most common reasons for debt settlement are that the person is unemployed or underemployed, they have a major medical expense, they lost their home to foreclosure, or they are looking to save their family’s assets. When you settle your debts with one creditor instead of paying them off in full, it can affect your credit score for up to 7 years. However, if you work out an agreement with the creditor and make monthly payments on time then this will not be an issue. There are programs available that can help you find some relief from these unforeseen circumstances–you just need to know where to look! You can also consider taking a loan to pay all them out shot and have one monthly payment

3. Lawyer fees

A debt settlement lawyer can work with you to create a plan that will help you get your finances back on track. With the right advice, you’ll be able to decide if it’s best for you to settle your debts or file bankruptcy.

The average fee for a debt settlement lawyer is $500-$2000  or a third of the debt settled depending on the complexity of the case. However, some cases may require more time than others which may lead to an increase in cost. The fee includes consultation fees, legal representation during negotiations with creditors, and negotiating settlements for lower interest rates or reduced balances owed (i.e., restructuring).make sure to ask for a free consultation.

Consider taking out a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt

You might be drowning in credit card debt, this might have been caused by anything job , health related or more . If so, before you start hiring   credit card debt settlement lawyers another consideration may be to take out a personal loan to pay off your cards. A personal loan is essentially borrowing money from another source, either an individual or financial institution, that is paid back with interest over a certain amount of time. Personal loans are often used for large purchases where the borrower doesn’t have enough cash on hand to make the purchase. They can also be used as alternative forms of financing when other means aren’t available or convenient.

If you’re thinking about getting a personal loan but aren’t sure what kind would work best for your situation, read on! These section We’ll cover some pros and cons of personal loans to pay off credit card debt and how they compare to each other before showing some examples

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Pros And Cons Of Personal Loans To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Here are the pros and cons to pay off credit card debt with personal loans.Although credit card debt held by U.S. consumers has declined during the coronavirus pandemic, some are wondering if it’s wise to take out a personal loan to pay off their remaining debt. The latest average credit card interest rate is around 14.5%, according to a January article in card rates . Meanwhile, personal loan interest rates are as low as 3% to about 36%, according to across the board, aside from personal loan debt, has declined during the coronavirus pandemic. As people adjusted their spending habits and paid down their credit card balances, according to the U.S. Office of the Inspector General. The 2% increase noted in U.S. personal loan debt suggests there was heightened borrowing in the early months of the pandemic, according to Experian.Here are some pros and cons, when deciding to take out personal loans to pay off your credit card debt. 

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Pros Of Taking Out A Personal Loan To Pay Off Credit Card Debt:

1.Low Interest Rates Are Available For Those With Good To Excellent Credit Scores.

The biggest perk of using a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt are the lower interest rates compared to credit cards and payday loans. This option is especially appealing for people who carry a significant amount of credit card debt with high monthly interest rates.

2.You Can Pay Less Per Month:

Your month-to-month expenses could go down with a personal loan. A personal loan can be ideal for people who have a hard time affording their current credit card payments. But still anticipate having a steady income in the future.  

3.You Can Consolidate Your Debt.

Most people have more than one credit card, but a personal loan gives you the option of combining all the money you owe into one payment with a fixed interest rate. Consolidation can simplify your monthly expenses and keep your monthly payments more predictable and will help you avoid those credit card settlement lawyers fees 

4.They’re Typically Unsecured Loans.

Personal loans are usually unsecured forms of debt. Meaning you don’t have to use your home or car as collateral to take the loan out. However, you can face fees and hurt your credit score if you don’t make on-time payments. 

Cons Of Taking Out A Personal Loan To Pay Off Credit Card Debt:

It’s difficult to get a low interest rate for those with bad credit. 

You’ll have fewer options for personal loans with a low credit score. If that’s the case, be sure to carefully calculate the amount you’ll owe in interest for both your current credit card and the personal loan. 

Payments have less flexibility.

Since personal loans are a type of installment debt, you have less flexibility to change the amount you have to pay each month. That means you can’t decide to pay a little less if you run into an unexpected expense during the month, like you can with credit cards that typically only require the minimum payment amount.

Long repayment terms could cost you more.

Aside from the interest rate, you need to consider the length of the personal loan repayment term. A loan with a low interest rate could still end up costing you more in the long run if the loan repayment term is too long. Typically personal loan repayment terms are between one and 10 years. 

Fees can add up. 

There are usually fees associated with personal interest loans, including origination fees, late fees, and prepayment fees. Pay attention to any fees so they don’t catch you off guard. 

So, is it a good idea to take out personal loans to pay off your credit card debt?

It Depends On Your Financial Situation.

Personal loans can be an appealing option to pay off all your credit card debt in full and have one easy monthly payment. But personal loans can be risky if you don’t see yourself having a steady income for the duration of the loan repayment term. 

That can be tricky to predict during the coronavirus pandemic. Before agreeing to a personal loan or agreeing to hire credit card settlement lawyers try to contact credit card companies yourself to possibly work out a deal , ask your credit card company if they offer any relief options or deferred payments due to COVID-19.

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