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As consumers, we purchase items in our everyday lives to satisfy a want or need. Larger investments like houses and cars may require the use of credit. And the better your credit, the more options you have, so its always good to learn about credit and to learn more about fico scores how often is a fix score updated When it comes to building your credit, it is crucial that we’re paying off our credit card bills in a timely manner. That is to reduce debt and late payments. We want to be able to check our FICO score periodically to see what changes were made or where we can improve. So the question is what is a Fico score and how often is fico score updated.

What Is Your FICO score, and how is it calculated?

A FICO score consists of three digits that summarizes your entire credit report. It can be as low as 300 and as high as 850. There are four attributes when determining your FICO score.

  • The duration of your credit,
  • The amount of credit,
  • How much available credit you have,
  • and payments made in a timely manner,

This helps the lender determine whether a borrower is capable of repaying a loan. Your FICO score is typically updated every forty-five days and is calculated from five categories:

  • The amount owed,
  • Credit history length,
  • Payment history,
  • Any additional credit,
  • Or a mixture of credit.

This signifies the different credit accounts you have.

What is Experian and what are their benefits?

Experian is one of the largest and fastest credit bureaus in the U.S. that helps build your credit. Many consumers, as well as businesses, have used their services over the decades. Moreover, Experian helps you stay up to date with free, unlimited access and organizes your credit report in various sections. Also, their services monitor your credit. And send notifications about any major changes made to your report, as well as possible signs of identity theft. In addition, Experian offers the “boost” feature which allows you to add your utility bills and use them to boost your credit, so what you waiting for check out and get a free credit report, credit monitoring.

Experian Boost - Improve Your Credit Scores Instantly with utility bills
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Why is Credit Score Important and Your Credit Rating Matter?

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