Piggy bank vs real bank or Savings Account – Which one is Better

piggy bank vs real bank
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Piggy bank vs real bank, which one is better for saving?

Some people still support piggy banks while many favor real banks. Overall this is an unending debate. As a kid, piggy banks are great to make your children learn about savings, but as adult real bank account or online saving, platforms are a great and safer option.

What is a piggy bank?

Piggybank is nothing more than a coin container mostly named as “Still Bank.” Back in the 20th century, many companies used these mini coin containers or piggy banks for promotional activities. The roots of the piggy bank came from the 17th century and were not shaped like a pig. Mostly these were the simple clay made pot or plate used for keeping extra coins.

Thereby these clay made pots seemed an alright place to stash extra money. The pig-shaped piggy banks smashed when to get the coins/money out of the bank. In the past, piggy banks were given to kids or others as gifts because they seemed to be a symbol of good fortune and Luck.

World’s largest piggy bank was built in Germany in 2015, and it was four-story long. In Amsterdam’s money museum, a collection of 12000 mini piggy banks was made to amuse people. These banks are shaped in different sizes and animals. Some of them are made with clay, silver, and even gold.

Where to buy a piggy bank with no hole?

Saving money is one of the best habits that parents must develop for their child. Many of us were gifted a small money container in our childhood. It was an effort by our elders to encourage us to save money. A piggy bank without a hole does not have a whole to put money, but it might be a lockable container. If you are searching for a piggy bank and looking for the answer to “where can I buy a piggy bank with no hole”? Then, go through the list of given sources where you can find a piggy bank without a hole.

Either you want to buy it online or not, these sources can provide you with the best collection. A wide variety of piggy banks attracts kids, adults, and even old ones due to their colors and unique shapes. Furthermore, these small still money containers varieties in sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of them come with holes, and some come with a lock. Some of them have a hole in the bottom to get money out. This particular hole is covered with a rubber stopper. Such types of piggy banks are particularly designed for kids. It’s not much costly; the price varies as per size, design, and shape also. The price starts from $5 and so on. Hence it can be the best gift for kids. Moreover, piggy banks are also available for adults.

Piggybank as a saving solution

Either you are a student or not, you can save money in a piggy bank. But how? Let’s come to know about it. If you are talking about an online piggy bank, it’s something more amazing to save and increase your money. As an online savings platform, Piggybank allows users to add their money, which they can’t withdraw easily. Even saving in it can start with $1. Putting $1 daily in it encourages the user towards savings.

Also, it’s easy to carry and keep with you. Certainly, a dollar left with you after buying a coffee cup is not as worthy, so develop a habit of setting it aside in the mini bank. Later after a few years, it will come in the form of a handsome lump sum amount. Indeed Piggybank is the best saving solution not only for kids, students but also for elders. There are a lot of advantages of piggy bank and most importantly it helps to save loose change such as coins . so you can enjoy benefits of piggy bank with coins too.

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About Acorns

This age of technology is bringing amazing things every day. Suppose you are looking to invest and want to maximize your savings. In that case, the “Acorns” is one of the finest options you can have to invest online for investing on micro-level this American based financial service providing company named “Acorns” marked as the best. It has more than 8 million customers and manages assets having $3 billion worth. It was introduced in 2012 by Walter Wemple.

Saving and investing with Acorns

Growing money is not a dream nowadays, particularly when you have Acorns to invest in. it helps users grow their money either you are a student, housewife, or a retired citizen. It’s a much easy, smart, and trusted platform for investment or growing your savings. Oak is an account type that one can open with Acorns in just under 5 minutes. Only a minimum investment of $1 or $3 or $5 per month is required. This oak account grows fastly under acorns.

Simple and transparent plans:

Investment in different plans is more profitable and risk-free. Under the umbrella of acorns, one can subscribe to the most suited plans. These plans are simple and transparent designed to support your financial wellness.
Lite: the lite plan starts with $1/month. It’s an easily automated investment account where users can set recurring investments.

  • Personal plan: personal account under acorns starts with $3 per month, including all in one investment services. Moreover, under this plan, subscribers provided a metallic debit card and received a bonus on investment and further money advice.
  • Family plan: the family account starts with $5/month it is a combo of an investment account for kids and includes features of a personal plan.

Which one is better: Piggy bank vs Real bank or a saving account

Deciding about either putting funds in a piggy bank or a savings account is a little hard. Various factors influence the decision about investing. Some of us feel relaxed by keeping our savings in piggy banks due to a variety of reasons. It is a completely risk-free saving method that does not require any cost, whereas; the only reason to invest in saving accounts is the interest the account holder earns.

Some frequently asked questions:

Can I take my piggy bank to the bank?

Yes, you can take your piggy bank to the bank and deposit the amount in your saving account.

Does piggy bank has disadvantages?

Bank banks are not safe, and anyone can break them easily.


The borderline of the entire discussion is that piggy banks have their drawbacks but no one can deny their importance. But the arrival of different online investing platforms influenced its popularity. Acorns are one of the most popular American financial service providers that provide easy and smart investment plans.

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