City Sightseeing Affiliate Program | Here is why to join!

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Introduction to City Sightseeing Affiliate Program


City Sightseeing is one of the most original travel brands worldwide. The company’s red, open-top double-decker buses are found in more than 110 cities across the globe, with the option to hop on and off as many times as desired along the bus routes. They are the top operator in double-decker sightseeing tours of New York City. Their popular hop-on, hop-off bus tours, and attraction packages help customers maximize savings, flexibility, and fun, The City Sightseeing Affiliate Program is a remarkable opportunity for individuals and businesses to partake in the booming travel and tourism industry.

They also offer unique bus tours of Manhattan and Brooklyn – as well as access to an extensive list of top attractions like the One World Observatory, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock Observatory, Statue of Liberty, and more.

By joining this program, you gain the ability to earn substantial commissions by promoting a range of city sightseeing tours, from hop-on, hop-off bus tours to boat tours and walking tours. These tours cover some of the most popular and vibrant cities globally, making it an exciting and profitable venture for those involved. With its intuitive platform and supportive approach, the program offers a unique chance to connect with a network of dedicated professionals and leverage the strength of a globally recognized brand.


Understanding City Sightseeing


City Sightseeing is a distinguished global brand offering sightseeing tours in more than 100 cities across six continents. Known for its iconic red open-top double-decker buses, the company provides a unique and engaging way for tourists to explore and soak in the sights, sounds, and experiences of the world’s most loved cities.

City Sightseeing’s primary offering includes hop-on, hop-off bus tours, which enable tourists to explore the city at their own pace. Along with these, they also offer walking, boat, and themed tours, catering to a wide range of interests and preferences.

A prominent characteristic of City Sightseeing tours is the provision of multi-lingual commentary, which ensures that the fascinating histories, cultures, and stories of these cities are accessible to all. Their strong commitment to providing an enriching and unforgettable touristic experience and their presence in the world’s most popular destinations make City Sightseeing a sought-after choice among travelers worldwide.


Benefits of Joining the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program


A Source of Additional Income


The primary benefit of joining the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program is the opportunity it offers to earn additional income. Affiliates earn a commission on each sale made through their referrals. This model allows for earning potential that scales with the effort and strategy an affiliate puts into promoting City Sightseeing’s offerings.


Global Brand Recognition


City Sightseeing is a well-established brand with a global presence. Affiliates can leverage this recognition to their advantage, as promoting trusted and known products often leads to higher conversion rates. Being associated with a reputable brand can also enhance the credibility of the affiliate’s platform.


Easy Integration and Support


City Sightseeing provides its affiliates with a range of tools and resources for seamless integration. These include promotional materials, tracking tools, and ongoing support to help affiliates maximize their earning potential. Even those with limited technical skills can join the program relatively quickly.


Access to a Wide Range of Products


With tours in more than 100 cities, City Sightseeing offers a broad product range for affiliates to promote. This diversity can help affiliates cater to a broad audience with varying interests, thereby increasing their potential customer base.


Promote Sustainable Tourism


City Sightseeing is committed to sustainable tourism practices. By becoming an affiliate, you also contribute towards promoting eco-friendly tourism. This can enhance the value proposition for environmentally conscious consumers and boost your platform’s reputation as a responsible promoter of tourism services.


Strategies to Promote Your City Sightseeing Affiliate Link


Create Engaging Content


One of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate link is by creating engaging, relevant content that appeals to your audience. This could be travel blogs, reviews of city tours, or tips and guides for travelers. In these pieces of content, you can organically incorporate your affiliate link.


Leverage Social Media


Social media platforms are excellent channels for promoting your City Sightseeing affiliate link. Sharing captivating images and stories from various city tours, and enticing potential tourists with highlights of these tours, can be an effective way to generate interest and clicks on your affiliate link.


Use Email Marketing


Build an email list of subscribers interested in travel and tourism. Regular newsletters featuring attractive city tours and your affiliate link can prompt your subscribers to plan their next city exploration with City Sightseeing.


Collaborate with Influencers


Reach out to travel influencers to promote your affiliate link. They can create engaging content around City Sightseeing’s tours, which can generate a high number of clicks on your affiliate link due to their large and engaged follower base.


SEO Optimization


Ensure your website or blog is search engine optimized. Using the right keywords related to city tours and sightseeing, and incorporating them into your content, can improve your website’s ranking on search engine results pages, resulting in higher visibility and more clicks on your affiliate link.


Use Banner Ads


City Sightseeing provides various promotional materials, including banner ads, that you can use on your website or blog. Placing these banners strategically can effectively attract visitors’ attention and increase the chances of them clicking your affiliate link.


Ideal Candidates for the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program


Travel Bloggers


Travel bloggers make excellent candidates for the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program. Their blogs usually attract an audience interested in travel, making it easier for them to promote City Sightseeing tours and generate sales.


Tourism Websites


Websites focusing on tourism, whether about general travel advice or specific cities, can benefit significantly from this program. The wide range of tours City Sightseeing offers can be an excellent fit for their content, helping them provide their audience with valuable resources and earn commissions simultaneously.


Social Media Influencers


Social media influencers with a travel or lifestyle focus have a captive audience that trusts their recommendations. They can effectively use their platform to promote City Sightseeing tours and earn from the affiliate program.


Travel Agencies


Travel agencies looking for additional income streams can also benefit from this program. They can add City Sightseeing tours to their offerings and promote them to their clients.


Eco-friendly Travel Advocates


City Sightseeing’s commitment to sustainable tourism makes the program attractive for those promoting eco-friendly travel. By becoming an affiliate, they can spread awareness about sustainable travel options and earn commissions.


                                               Join city sightseeing affiliate program here!



How much money can I make?

By joining the City Sightseeing affiliate program, you can earn attractive commissions ranging from 10% to 15% on each sale you refer. With a 45-day cookie duration, you’ll receive credit for sales made within 45 days of the initial click. Our average order value is a fantastic $160+, ensuring substantial earning potential for you. Benefit from exclusive promotional offers and discounts to entice your audience, and stay up-to-date with the latest offerings through our monthly newsletters.

Unique Link Duration?

This program offers a 45-day cookie duration.


Wrapping Up: The City Sightseeing Affiliate Program


In conclusion, the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program is an enticing opportunity for anyone interested in the travel and tourism industry. Whether you’re a travel blogger, a social media influencer, a travel agency, or an advocate for sustainable travel, this program offers a unique avenue to generate additional income. With a vast range of tours available in some of the most vibrant and popular cities worldwide, the program allows affiliates to cater to a diverse audience. By joining the program, you earn commissions and promote a globally recognized brand and contribute towards sustainable tourism. Start your journey with the City Sightseeing Affiliate Program today and unlock the potential benefits it holds for you and your audience.



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